Drip Effect: Create Drip Art Online

Free to create the drip effect to liven up the amazingly surreal and fantastic atmosphere for your images. Capture viewers and fans’ eyeballs with the drip art!

A female drip effect image with drip background and drip art stickers made in Fotor
A female drip photo with blue background and enchanting drip cloud stickers made in fotor

Add Artistic Touch to Your Images with Drip Effect

As a glowing and popular art form, drip effect is a creative way to show your artistic attitude because it creates a mesmerizing and enchanting vibe. You can use Fotor to create your own drip effect drawing with its powerful tools. You can firstly remove the image background to change a stylish background and add drip art stickers and drip fonts to it. That’s it! The whole process to create a drip effect is based on your creative drippy painting ideas!

Create Drip Effect Now
Make a drip effect for a male pictures in fotor ans use it as the instagram drip profile picture

Create Drip PFP with Our Free Aesthetic Effect

Want to stand out from the rest with a unique avatar? Try using drip art to create a one-of-a-kind profile picture! As the surrealistic effect, drip pfp will definitely catch the viewers' attention at the very first glance. Use your drip pictures as Instagram avatars, and you can get more comments and fans easily. Start to make your own drippy profile pictures in Fotor now!

Create Drip Effect Now
Post the female image with drip effect made in fotor on instagram

Make Eye-Catching Drippy Designs for Your Social Media

Similarly, you can create drip images and post them on your social media to get more likes and fans. Upload your images to Fotor, use its online powerful drip art creation tool to create the eye-catching drip effect, then share them online to pop you up in no time!

Create Drip Effect Now
Create the drip effect for a cute cat image and use as computer and phone wallpaper

Design Cartoon Drip Wallpaper and Background to Liven up Your Devices

Moreover, you can create drip wallpapers and drip backgrounds for your mobile phones and laptops in Fotor. After making the drip effect for your images, you can use our image resizer to create the correct drip backgrounds and wallpapers to fit your screen. Use the drip art effect to liven up your lock screen now!

Create Drip Effect Now
Create the drip effect for a female portrait in foror

How to Create Drip Effect?

  • Upload your selfie or portrait to Fotor.
  • First, use Fotor’s background changer to create an enchanting vibe for your drip image background.
  • Then, use our magic brush to create the drip effect until you are satisfied.
  • Perfect and decorate your drip photos by adding the drip text and drip stickers.
  • Preview and download your drip pic.
Create Drip Effect Now