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Make Your Own Wallpaper With Photos

Using Fotor's wallpaper maker to create a personalized wallpaper for your PC should be your first choice. With a suite of editing and enhancing tools, you can easily create your own wallpapers from photos. Just upload your own photo and enhance your photo with Fotor's easy-to-use editing tools. Additionally, Fotor’s easy-to-use wallpaper maker lets you create amazing HD desktop wallpapers that go with any desktop screen size. You can also use the smart resize tool to make your photo wallpaper fit on your phone, tablet, or any other device as you desire.

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Create a Customizable Wallpaper for PC

It’s easy to download free desktop wallpapers from the internet, but it means your computer wallpapers will be like many others’, nothing special! Avoid using these common wallpapers! Make computer backgrounds with Fotor’s wallpaper maker to show off your own style. Plus, you can let your creative juices flow. Add inspirational captions, experiment with different photo filters and photo effects, change backgrounds, and more that suit your style. Fotor’s wallpaper background maker will help you create amazing wallpapers with ease.

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How to Make a Wallpaper?

  • Click the button "Make Your Own Wallpaper Now" to get started.
  • Select "Templates" on the left tool menu and choose "Desktop Wallpaper" tab.
  • You’ll see a variety of desktop wallpapers to choose from. Choose one that matches your aesthetic and needs.
  • Then customize the wallpaper to make it uniquely yours. Add text and stickers, change the layout or color scheme, or upload your own photos to make the wallpaper more stylish.
  • When you're done editing, save your wallpaper and choose the image format and size you wish. Then set your designed wallpaper as your desktop background. That’s it!
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