30+ Best iPhone Wallpaper in 2024 to Meet All Your Wallpaper Needs

Summary: This post shared best iPhone wallpapers of 2024 including cute, artistic, cool, funny and natrual styles. And recommended Fotor's wallpaper maker for you to create own best wallpapers for iPhone.

iphone on the table with default wallpaper

The newest and pro-est iPhones are out lately, did you just get the latest iPhone? Or you may want to change a new face for your iPhone. The iPhone wallpaper is one of the cheapest and best ways to show your unique personality in daily life.

There are thousands of iPhone pretty iPhone wallpaper resources on the Internet such as natural scenery, animals, technology, 3D, and even live wallpapers. Too many beautiful iPhone wallpapers to choose from? In this post, we have collected the best iPhone wallpapers for you and a wallpaper maker in case you want to design your own awesome iPhone wallpapers.

Best iPhone Wallpapers

We handpicked the most popular iPhone wallpapers in different styles, including cut, artistic, cool, funny, and natural types iPhone screen wallpapers, which can be saved and downloaded for free. Hope you can find satisfactory unique iPhone wallpaper in this post!

Cute iPhone wallpapers

Cute iPhone wallpaper can always make people feel happy when they turn on their mobile phones. Lovely content iPhone wallpapers always attract girls to use them. So try these cute HD wallpaper for iPhone below!

cute cat iphone wallpaper
cute doll iphone wallpaper
cute dog iphone wallpaper
cute child iphone wallpaper
cute catoon iphone wallpaper
cute toy iphone wallpaper

Artistic iPhone wallpapers

Do you want others to feel your artistic taste through your fall lock screen iPhone wallpaper? The following art beautiful iPhone wallpapers always make you stand out from the common home screen iPhone wallpapers, which reflects your art views from the wallpaper.

art gypsum iphone wallpaper
art sand painting iphone wallpaper
art flower sticker iphone wallpaper
art flower painting iphone wallpaper
art woman color face iphone wallpaper
art cartoon painting iphone wallpaper

Cool iPhone wallpapers

Strong colors, avant-garde collocation to create a cool feeling iPhone background. Every time you turn on your phone can have a strong visual impact after using cool iPhone wallpapers. Why not try these coolest wallpapers for iPhone which full of future, technology, or smoking elements.

cool blue light iphone wallpaper
cool night sight iphone wallpaper
cool colorful light iphone wallpaper
cool man with smoke iphone wallpaper
cool man standing with star iphone wallpaper
cool man with light iphone wallpaper

Funny iPhone wallpapers

Funny wallpapers can make your phone become interesting, exaggerated and funny iPhone wallpaper contents can ease your boredom in life. Try the following best iPhone background in funny style to get you some happiness!

funny dog iphone wallpaper
funny robot iphone wallpaper
funny skull iphone wallpaper
funny colorful iphone wallpaper
funny cartoon iphone wallpaper
funny pinapple iphone wallpaper

Natural iPhone wallpapers

The beauty of nature can always relieve your fatigue after work, the sea, sky, mountains, and lakes can calm your heart. When you can't choose beautiful wallpapers for iPhone from various types of popular iPhone wallpapers, it can never be wrong to choose natural style wallpaper.

natural mountain iphone wallpaper
natural tree iphone wallpaper
natural star sky iphone wallpaper
natural mountain with sunlight iphone wallpaper
natural sea wave iphone wallpaper
natural sky iphone wallpaper

Create Your Own iPhone Wallpaper

Do you spend a lot of time and energy finding the best iPhone wallpapers but didn’t get a satisfactory result? Why not make customize beautiful iPhone wallpapers?

Fotor's online best mobile wallpaper maker can create your own unique iPhone wallpaper with just a few clicks. Just start with the wallpaper templates that suits your needs and customize it using the drag-and-drop designer. No design skills are required, and you can get satisfatory awsome iPhone wallpapers! Plus, Fotor gives you more than that, it also supports creating your own desktop wallpaper, come and try it!

design iphone wallpaper with fotor


Apple offers some beautiful iPhone wallpapers for its mobile devices, but when you want a new style, there are a lot of good iPhone background resources on the internet, and most of them are free. In this article, we provided the various types best iPhone wallpapers of 2024, including cute, artistic, cool, funny and natural styles.

If you have any idea about your iPhone wallpaper, you can also use the recommended Fotor’s mobile wallpaper maker to create your best iPhone wallpaper online for free. Hope this tutorial will be helpful to your iPhone wallpaper choosing.