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Turn your selfies and portraits into cry faces for fun with Fotor's sad face filter. Share your cute & funny sad face in no time!

Use fotor online sad face filter to turn female facial exoression into sad face
Turn female facial expression into sad face look with fotor sad face filter online

Easy-to-Use Online Sad Face Filter

Our sad face filter is suitable for all, including beginners. Just upload a selfie or portrait that you want to add crying facial expressions, and our sad filter will automatically and quickly transform your expression into a cute sad face.

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Turn three peoples facial expression into sad face using fotor online ai sad face filter

Turn Your Facial Expressions into Crying Faces

Feeling blue when thinking of a sad or awkward thing before and wanting to post it online? Try our online sad face filter adds an extra sad vibe to your post images by magically turning your facial expressions into sad crying faces. Start making your own sad blue face now!

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Customize the sad face made with fotor online sad face filter with crying stickers

Customize Your Sad Face Images as Needed

Amazingly, not only can you apply our free crying filter to your images, but also you can take your sob face pic to the next level with customizations! There are a variety of very sad emojis and crying emojis for you to perfect your sad face picture to make it stunningly aesthetic and eye-catching!

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Share the sad face made in fotor sad face filter on social media platforms

Share Your Funny Crying Face

As a popular AI filter, the sad face filter has taken social media platforms by storm. And you can heat up your own online page with a funny crying face with our surprising crying filter. Magically have a very sad face using our sad face filter and share it on your Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat!

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Apply the sad face filter to transform female facial expression into sad face look

How to Use Sad Face Filter?

  • Click the “Try Free Sad Face Filter” to get started.
  • Upload your own selfies and portraits to our sad face maker.
  • And our sad face filter will automatically turn your facial expression into a crying face.
  • You can customize it with some sad vibe emojis or filters.
  • Preview and share your sad face picture online.
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