Turn Your Photos into Witch with AI Witch Filter

Try Fotor's free online witch filter to dive into a magic world today.

Transform your ordinary photos to a witch in seconds, no incantations are required.

Apply halloween witch filter to a female image with Fotor
Add witch makeup and costume to a girl photo with Fotors Halloween witch filter

Convert Your Photo to Witch Easily

Fotor's AI witch filter can easily transform your photos into cool witch portraits in seconds. Simply upload your photo and our witch photo editor will automatically detect your facial features and instantly add a witch filter to your photo.

Whether you're preparing for Halloween, or creating a themed profile picture, our AI witch filter ensures your photos undergo a magical transformation with no hassle involved.

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Convert the original images clothing into a witch costume from text using Fotors witch filter

Customize Your Look with Witch Photo Editor

Personalize your witch's appearance to your liking using our witch filter. Type a description, and adjust elements like the witch's hat, broomstick, robes, and even the background to create a unique and captivating image that truly represents your style.

Apply Witch Filter Now
Post a Halloween witch makeup image on social media

Apply a Witch Filter for Fun

Utilize our witch filter to effortlessly incorporate witch makeup and attire into your photo. Share your bewitching creation with friends, post it on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, set it as your profile picture, or simply have fun exploring a different version of yourself. Don't wait, try it now and let the fun begin!

Apply Witch Filter Now
Apply witch makeup to a girl portrait with Fotors witch filter

How to Turn Yourself into a Witch with Witch Filter?

  • Click the "Apply Witch Filter Now" button to swift to Fotor's witch photo editor.
  • Upload the image you want to edit.
  • Next, select and apply a witch filter. Fotor will automatically detect your face and add witch makeup to your photo.
  • You can customize your witch photo by using a text description.
  • When you are satisfied, click Download to save and share your stunning witch image with friends.
Apply Witch Filter Now