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Turning photos into art is easy like never before with the AI filters from Fotor AI photo editor. Free for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals to make creatively extraordinary digital art online.

Apply various ai filters to images in fotor

Digital Arts Made with AI Filters

A female portrait
Female portrait with Fotor ai manga filter
A crawling panda
A crawling panda in AI sketch effect from Fotor ai filter
A landscape
Landscape with Fotor AI filter
A female portrait
A crawling panda
A landscape

AI offers a simple alternative to access to AI art. With Fotor’s AI Filters, you can get extraordinary digital fine arts within a few seconds. Let’s see how Fotor turns a photo into a painting with its AI photo filters below.

Four female portraits with AI manga filter from Fotor

Generative Art Filter: AI Manga Filter/AI Anime Filter

You may have dreamed of your anime characters, and now the newest AI manga filter from Fotor makes it easy. Upload your portraits or photos, and Fotor will turn your photo to anime or manga in a few seconds by applying its AI filters. Try it now and see just how easy it is to create anime AI art with Fotor!

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Create three NF Ts by apply Fotor AI filter to the uploaded portraits and landscapes

Turn Images into Art and NFTs

You are also accessible to make NFTs for profits with our AI filters from the art maker online. Just apply the AI art filters in Fotor online photo to painting converter, and aesthetic AI generative art is at your fingertips.

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AI Art Filters in Different Styles

Apply AI cartoon filter to a female portrait in Fotor

Photo to Cartoon/AI Cartoon Filter

Enjoy yourself with Fotor’s AI cartoon photo effects. In our image to art converter, turning photo to cartoon is as easy as pie. You can even use the AI Disney filter from Fotor to turn photo into Pixar cartoon characters. Start to make your cartoon art with Fotor AI filters now!

Turn portrait photo into sketch

Photo to Sketch/AI Sketch Filter

Getting a pencil sketch is available in Fotor AI photo to painting converter. Just apply the AI filter, and turning photo to sketch art takes less than five seconds.

add two different watercolor effects to a landscape image

Photo to Watercolor/AI Watercolor Filter

It’s just a click to paint your pictures as watercolor artwork using the AI filters from Fotor! Now upload your image in Fotor AI watercolor digital art maker online, and begin your online artwork creation with the free AI photo effects!

Apply ai filter in a female portrait in Fotor

How to Use AI Filter in Fotor?

  • Click the “Apply AI Filter Now” button to get started.
  • Then, click "From Image" on the left, and upload the image that you want to turn into AI art with our AI filters.
  • Wait for the AI tool to convert photos into art in seconds, and you will have three images with AI manga filters in different styles.
  • Preview and download your images with AI filters.
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