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Photo to Anime: AI Anime Effects

Easy to transform your photo to anime with Fotor’s online AI anime generator to attract attention instantly!

Turn a female into anime with Fotor AI anime generator
Turn female selfie into AI anime effect

Turn Pictures into Anime in Seconds

Now, making anime pic is a simple matter. In just a few seconds, you can turn picture into anime drawing in Fotor's picture to anime converter. Fotor applies advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to its ingenious anime photo filter, you just need to click "Apply", and a photo to anime is a piece of cake! Moreover, you can change the effect of Fotor's online anime filter by sliding the Intensity at the bottom of the screen. Now click the button to turn photo into anime!

Anime Your Picture Now
Photo to Anime 1

Make Anime Selfies with Anime Photo Converter

Have you ever imagined what would I look like as an anime character? Now Fotor's ai anime filter can help you to make your dream come true easily. You can upload your selfies to Fotor's anime selfie maker, and with the free anime face filter, you can make your selfie to anime in just a few seconds. Now it's time to create your own unique anime selfies and share them on your Instagram or TikTok!

Anime Your Picture Now
Use AI anime selfie as Instagram avatar

Apply AI Anime Filter to Your Avatars

On average, there are millions of users on each social media platform, where the avatar is your identity. If you want to make your avatar stand out from the rest, then you can try out the popular anime filter. In Fotor's anime photo editor, whether you want to turn yourself into anime or your image to anime, you can set the final anime picture as your avatar to get more views and even followers.

Anime Your Picture Now
Anime photos in Fotor ai anime app

Download the Anime Picture App for Free

Whenever you take a picture, you can turn photo into anime as long as you have installed Fotor's app that turns picture into anime. Whether you want to make yourself an anime character or have photos of anime characters, you can make it possible with Fotor's anime picture app. Download it now on any portable device you have and start using the anime character filter for free!

Anime Your Picture Now
Generate anime character with Fotor online AI anime generator

How to Convert Picture to Anime?

  • Click the “Anime Your Picture Now” button to switch to Fotor’s AI image generator.
  • Upload or drag and drop the image that you want to make into anime.
  • Wait for Fotor’s AI tool to turn photo to anime in seconds and you will have three anime images in different style.
  • Free to generate again if you are not satisfied with the AI anime effects.
  • Preview and download your anime pic.
Anime Your Picture Now

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Anime Your Picture Now

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