Virtual Try on Bangs with Bangs Filter

Transform your hairstyle with Fotor's AI bangs filter online.

Explore different bang styles and add bangs to photo in seconds. Get your perfect bangs look today!

Add clip in bangs to a girl photo with Fotors bangs filter
Add clip in bangs to a girl portrait with Fotor AI bangs filter

Easy-to-use Bangs Filter

With our easy-to-use bangs simulator, you can effortlessly to transform your hairstyle with text prompt. Simply upload a selfie or portrait, provide a description of your desired bang style, and let Fotor apply a realistic bang to your image. Weather you prefer curtain bangs or wispy bangs, Fotor has you covered. Trying on different bang styles with our bangs filter online has never been easier!

Add Bangs to Photo
Try different bangs stye with Fotors bangs filter

Vitual Try on Bangs Before a Haircut

Fotor's hairstyle changer allows you to virtually try on bangs with your photos, enabling you to explore various bangs before you visit the salon. Try on different bangs options online, and make informed decisions about your next bangs style with our virtual try-on bangs filter.

Add Bangs to Photo
Change a female hair color with Fotors hair color changer

More Than a Bang Filter

For an exceptional hair style try-on experience, we provide an AI hair color changer offering an extensive range of hair colors to select from. Customize your hairstyle in every detile, whether it's adding bangs into your photos or changing hair colors, Fotor is here to cater to your preferences.

Add Bangs to Photo
Apply side swept bang bangs filter to a female portrait on the Fotor app

Realistic Bangs Filter App

Try on realistic bangs with our bangs filter app for iOS and Android, change your hairstyle anytime and anywhere. Explore a multitude of bangs options, experiment with different looks, and confidently select the ideal style that suits you best. No longer confined to a salon chair, all from the palm of your fingers.

Add Bangs to Photo
Change a girl hairstyle with Fotor

How to Apply Bangs Filter?

  • Click the “Add Bangs to Photo” to go to our bangs simulator tool.
  • Next, upload your image, and use the brush to select the areas you want to change, then enter the description of the look you want, such as "curtain bang."
  • Fotor’s online bang filter will add bangs to your photo in seconds.
  • Download and share your image with bangs.
Add Bangs to Photo