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Try Fotor's face morph tool to discover the magical transformation of one facial feature to another. Witness the magic effect when morphing faces together and share the face mash for fun!

Morph two male faces together using fotor online face morpher
Merge two male faces together to create face morph image

Easy-to-Use Face Morpher

You don’t need to use the complicated face morphing software. With Fotor’s online face morpher, everyone can blend faces together to create own face mashup effect easily and quickly. Just drag and drop two images into our face combiner, and our AI mixer will automatically output the face morph pictures in a few seconds.

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Send the face morph picture to friends on whatsapp

Try Face Combiner to Have Fun with Friends

Have you ever thought about what it would look like if you and your friends' faces were combined together? Wonder no more! You can explore that by using our online face mixer. Upload the separate portraits of you two, and you can see the magic effect of your face merge. Then, share your face morph via WhatsApp, and surprise your friends!

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Create celebrity face morph in fotor

Celebrity Face Morph

Our online face morpher allows you to experiment with celebrity face morph. You can combine faces of your two favorite celebrities to see how their appearance might combine. You can even discover the face morph of two celebrities of opposite genders! Drag and drop images to our face merger have fun with celebrity face mashup!

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Morph faces together to see what would my baby look like

Morph Faces Together to Predict Your Future Baby’s Look

Alternatively, our face morpher is an excellent tool for predicting the potential appearance of your future baby based on both your and your partner's facial features. Upload your images to our face combiner, and have a peek through what your baby looks like from the output face morph picture.

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Post the face morph picture of two females on instagram post

Share Your Face Mashup Online for Better Engagement

Fresh your posts with your face mashup image! To win over likes and comments on your social media platform, you need to innovate your content to stand out from the rest. Now let our face morph tool to assist! Post your face merge image, and let your fans and viewers engage with your posts!

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Create a face morph of two girls in fotor online face morpher

How to Use Face Morph?

  • Click the “Try Free Face Morph” button to switch to our AI face morpher.
  • Drag and drop or upload two images as required, and wait for our AI mixer to mix two faces.
  • After a few seconds, our face merger will output the face morph picture for you.
  • Download and share your face mashup.
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