Blonde Hair Filter Online Free

Apply the blonde hair filter of Fotor online for virtual hair color try on. Upload your photo and our blonde hair filter will change your hair color into blond automatically. Get blonde hair in seconds!

Apply fotor blonde hair filter to a young lady

Change Hair Color Online with Blonde Hair Filter

A beautiful red curly haired woman with a happy smiley face
A beautiful blonde curly haired woman with a happy smiley face

Get blonde hair with Fotor’s blonde hair filter in a few clicks. With our hair color try on tool, you are allowed to experiment with different shades of blonde without the commitment. Simply upload your photo and choose a shade of blonde that you like, then your hair will be automatically transformed into blonde in seconds.

Easily change a womans red hair to blonde hair with fotor blonde hair filter

Hair Color Try on with Blonde Hair Filter

If you're unsure whether blonde hair will suit you, or if you simply want to experiment with different shades of blonde, there's a solution at your fingertips: the blonde hair filter of Fotor. Using this hair color filter is as easy as taking a selfie and selecting from a range of blonde shades. Replace the color of your hair has never been easier with our AI replacer. Say goodbye to your boring hair color and get stunning blond hair with a few clicks!

Get Blonde Hair
Three different blonde hair shades in fotor

Variety of Blonde Hair Shades

Blonde hair comes in various shades, from icy cool tones to warm and golden hues. With our blonde hair filter, you can experiment with these different shades to find the one that complements your skin tone and personal style the best. You can see how you'd look as a platinum hair color, an ash blond, a warm honey blonde, a bright blonde hair or even a playful pastel blonde, saving you from any unexpected hair color regrets.

Get Blonde Hair
Other hair color to try on virtually in fotor

Not Only Blonde Hair Filter in Hair Color Changer

Fotor’s hair color tester not only offers the blonde hair filter for blonde hair, but also a wide spectrum of hair colors for you to choose from. From fiery red to ash blond, Fotor’s hair color changer online ensures that you have the freedom to experiment with different hair colors. In addition to changing hair color in photo, you can also have a virtual hairstyle try on with our hairstyle changer.

Get Blonde Hair
Apply the blonde hair filter in fotor to a short hair girl

How to Apply the Blonde Hair Filter?

  • Click the "Get Blonde Hair" button to go to our hair color simulator.
  • Upload the image that you want it to be blond.
  • Use the brush to mark the hair area you’d like to change into blonde, and describe the blonde color in the prompt box to generate a new image.
  • Our AI replacer will automatically detect your hair and turn your hair into blonde in seconds.
  • When you are satisfied, click the Download button to save your blonde hair image. You can take it to the hair salon or share it with your friends.
Get Blonde Hair

FAQs About Blonde Hair Filter

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