AI Yearbook Filter

Surprisingly takes you back to the 90s glorious days of high school with Fotor's AI yearbook filter. Upload your selfies, and let our AI filter turn you into the vintage look with ease!

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Catch Nostalgic Yearbook Trend with AI Yearbook Filter

It’s time to catch the AI yearbook trend with your own ones! From TikTok to Instagram, the AI photo trend, especially AI-generated yearbook photos, has hit social media platforms like a storm. Fotor’s AI yearbook filter is ready to enhance your online presence by transforming your selfies into the popular AI yearbook image with ease. Now use our AI filter and share it online to win over likes!

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Use fotor ai yearbook filter to make a 90s retro yearbook photo and set as instagram avatar

Set Your AI Yearbook Photo as Social Media Avatar

Avatars stand for your identity, and why not update your Instagram avatar with the popular AI yearbook photo? You can upload your images to our yearbook creator, and apply the AI yearbook filter to get a stylish retro yearbook styled avatar. Give our AI yearbook effect a try to stand out from the rest of the streaming channels!

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Transform female selfie into ai yearbook photo with Fotor ai yearbook filter online

How to Use Fotor AI Yearbook Filter?

  • Click the “Try Free AI Yearbook Filter” button to get started.
  • Then, upload your image to our AI yearbook photo maker and apply the AI yearbook effect.
  • Within just a few seconds, our AI yearbook creator will transform your selfies into retro yearbook photos.
  • Save and share your AI yearbook photo online.
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