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Create your fancy avatar online instantly with Fotor’s AI avatar generator. Fotor’s online AI avatar generator supports both photos to cartoon avatars and text to random avatars. Without any skill, you can get your own AI avatar in a few clicks.

Three cartoon human AI Avatar from fotor
Convert woman with dog selfie into cartoon avatar

Make AI Avatar From Photo or Portrait

Your own photos are a great resource for making AI avatars. You can import your selfie or other photos into Fotor's AI avatar generator, which will then automatically generate three anime images with different effects for you to choose from. The three photo effects will be somewhat different, both in style and in the drawing of the picture details. Now you can take pictures of your pets, kids, or favorite things and turn them into eye-catching avatars in Fotor's AI avatar maker for your social media platforms.

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Put description texts to generate a girl cartoon avatar

Create Avatar Image From Text

If you have more ideas for avatars or want to create avatars from scratch, but have little experience in image design related matters, you can't go wrong with Fotor's AI avatar generator! Whether it's a pie-in-the-sky idea or a scene or object that doesn't exist in reality, you can achieve an AI drawing of the image by entering text.

Simply enter the correct text description for the image you want, select the image style and other settings, and you'll have an AI avatar image that matches the text description automatically in seconds!

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Realistic woman selfie avatar with adjustment box and edit icon

Get Full Control of Generated Avatar Pictures

Because AI creates random photos each time, Fotor's AI avatar generator has six image customization panels in the sidebar, so you can choose the settings you want to control the proportions, details, style, lighting effects, and other elements of the photo to achieve the effect you want as much as possible.

After generating a photo you like but are not satisfied with the details of the image, you can also adjust or customize the generated image. Simply click on "Edit" and you will be taken directly to a powerful photo editor, where you can easily adjust the photo to the effect and size you want.

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Pink and blue ai logo pink hair 3d cartoon girl face and cartoon orange hair woman picture

More Than Just Avatar Editor

Fotor's AI art generator is the industry-leading artificial intelligence image generator with a superb algorithmic mechanism that generates highly fitting text and photo-realistic images based on given prompt words through a constantly learning and updating artificial intelligence system.

All of Fotor's AI generator can be used not only to create avatars but also for more advanced features that ordinary image editors do not have, such as the photo to anime, making AI logo, AI face, etc. Come to Fotor's AI art generator to explore more possibilities of artificial intelligence image generation!

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How to Generate Avatar With AI?

  • Click the “Make an AI Avatar Now” button to the AI generator, and click the green button "Generate" to get started.
  • Select the "From Image" option on the left dashboard. Upload or drag and drop the image you want to make into an anime avatar. Wait for a second, you will get three photos of anime in different styles.
  • You can also generate an avatar from the text. Click the option "From Text" on the left. And type your detailed descriptions of the avatar you want in the text bubble.
  • Choose your preferred image style and refine other details on the right side of the canvas, click "Generate" and wait for the image to be generated.
  • Finally, click the download icon to save your own avatar and share it online.
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