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Best Hair Color Changer Online

Change your hair color in one click. Use Fotor's hair color changer to try different hair colors and get a virtual makeover.

Upload your photo to try on virtual hair color online for free. 100% automatically.

Before and after result of changing womans hair color
Before and after result of hair color try on

Automatically Change Hair Color

With AI technology, Fotor's hair color tester can automatically detect your hair in the photo and allows you to try on different hair colors. Select the color you like, and you can quickly get your new look in seconds. Moreover, you can also make a funny picture by changing your hair color.

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Before and after results of a girl trying different hair colors

Hair Color Try on Before Dyeing

Not sure if the hair color you are about to dye is right for you? Try our hair color simulator. Using it, you can test different hair colors on your photo. With a virtual hair try-on, quickly find the color that suits you best. Don't have to worry about dyeing the wrong hair color any longer.

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Try on different hair colors with fotor hair color changer

Rich Colors in Our Hair Color Changer

Fotor's hair color generator has different hair colors. Try each hair color you like until you're satisfied with your new look. Drag the intensity slider to change the depth of hair color. Here, you can try a color you never considered before. Go for it.

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Fotor hair color changer app

Hair Color Changer App is Available

Besides trying hair colors online, Fotor offers a hair color changer app. That allows you to try on virtual hair colors on your phone. It is convenient that you can see your different hair color look anytime.

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Interface of fotor hair color changer

How to Test Hair Color with Fotor's Hair Color Changer?

  • Click the "Change Hair Color Now" button on this page, and open our hair color tester.
  • Upload the image in which you want to change your hair color. Our tool will automatically detect your hair.
  • Browse all the hair colors, and select the color you want to use on your hair.
  • When you are satisfied, download your picture. You can take it to the hair salon or share it with your friends.
Change Hair Color Now

Hair Color Changer FAQs

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