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With Fotor's powerful silhouette maker, you can create impressive silhouette art effortlessly.

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Turn photo Into silhouette using Fotor's silhouette maker

Turn Pictures Into Silhouette in Seconds

Have no idea how to make silhouettes in photoshop? You don’t have to. Fotor's silhouette creator makes silhouetting an image easy and fast. You just have to upload the photo, select the photo subject, and then adjust the settings to get the perfect silhouette effect. It’s that easy. Once you’re done making the silhouette, you can download your silhouette picture as a JPG or PNG in high resolution for free.

Turn Photo Into Silhouette Now
Various silhouette art created by Fotor's silhouette maker

Create Your Own Silhouette Art

Fotor's silhouette maker provides in-built photo editing tools that you can use to make beautiful silhouette artwork with ease. Overlay images to create an abstract double-exposure silhouette portrait, or use various preset backgrounds and stock images to add a fantasy backdrop to your silhouette. You can turn your favorite photo into a silhouette in a variety of ways. Try it out right now to make your very own silhouette art.

Turn Photo Into Silhouette Now
Use dancer silhouette clip art to make a silhouette picture with Fotor

Everything You Need to Create Stunning Silhouette Pictures

Fotor's silhouette maker gives you everything you need to make spectacular silhouette pictures online. There is a library of silhouette clipart that you can freely use- tree silhouettes, bird silhouettes, cat silhouettes, dancer silhouettes, and a whole lot more. In addition, you can customize the opacity and colors of the silhouette clipart, move it around the image, and scale it up or down to fit your needs. Creating a silhouette photo has never been easier!

Turn Photo Into Silhouette Now

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Turn Photo Into Silhouette Now