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Convert Photo to Cartoon in Seconds

100% automatically cartoonize your photo. Just apply a cartoon filter to your picture, Fotor's cartoon photo editor helps you get funny and creative photos in one click.

Woman portrait photo to cartoon

Easily Turn Picture into Cartoon with Fotor

Convert people's photo to cartoon
Convert people's picture to cartoon
Turn dog's picture into cartoon
Turn dog's picture into cartoon
Animate landscape picture
Cartoonize landscape picture
Convert people's photo to cartoon
Turn dog's picture into cartoon
Animate landscape picture

Go from pic to cartoon in one click. Fotor's image cartoonizer is powered by artificial intelligence so you don't need any professional photo editing skills. From pop art to structuralism, you can convert any photo to cartoon in a flash. Simply upload your plain photos, select an awesome filter from the extensive collection, and watch it turn into animate picture in seconds.

Convert portrait to cartoon

Convert Portrait to Cartoon / Cartoon Face Filter

Convert your boring portrait pictures to cartoon ones with Fotor's online image to cartoon converter. There are different cartoon face filters, which will spoil you. Powered by AI, just one click will you create a cartoon version of yourself online effortlessly to get amazing effects.

Cartoonize Your Photo
Cartoonize cat photo

Turn a Pet Photo into a Cartoon / Pet Cartoon Effects

Don't leave your pets out of the fun! Fotor's cartoon pet filter is the perfect tool to turn your pet photos into unique cartoons. The cartoon filter for cat works like a charm making your cat look even more adorable. It'll be like a Disney movie, but with your beloved furry friend as the star! Turn any photo of your pet into a cute and cuddly character with this Fotor's online cartoon editor.

Cartoonize Your Photo
Turn landscape picture into cartoon

Cartoonize Landscape Photo to Cartoon / Anime Filter for Landscapes

To create landscape cartoon pictures, head to Fotor's picture to cartoon converter to select one of our landscape anime filters. There are a whole bunch of styles and effects available. Go ahead, and you can convert landscape images to cartoons like a professional artist.

Cartoonize Your Photo
Photo to cartoon app

Enjoy the Convenience of a Picture-to-cartoon Mobile App

Fotor's picture to cartoon app is available for iOS and Android devices. This means that now you have the liberty to change photo to cartoon right in your hands, anytime, anywhere. From pet anime filters to cartoon portraits, there are countless photos to cartoon effects for you to try on. The best part? It's free. Download this fun-filled app to start having some creative fun right away.

Cartoonize Your Photo

How to Make Cartoon Photo?

  • Click the "Cartoonize Your Photo" on this page and jump to Fotor's image to cartoon converter.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload the image you want to cartoonize. You can add anything from portrait and landscape to pet images.
  • Our tool will automatically apply cartoon effects to your picture. If you are not satisfied, scroll through the filters and select the one you like. There are plenty of effects waiting for you on the left side of the online editor.
  • Slide the intensity slider to change the filter effect until making the photo to cartoon you are satisfied.
  • Once you've finished, click the "Download" button to save. Turning pictures to cartoons is so easy with Fotor!
Cartoonize Your Photo

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Cartoonize Your Photo