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Magically cartoonize photos with one single click using Fotor's AI photo to cartoon converter. Upload and transform your picture with a charming cartoon filter and effect now!

Convert Photo to Cartoon Online Using Fotor AI Cartoonizer

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Go from photo to cartoon in one click; no complicated editing skills are required.

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Multiple Unique Cartoon Styles

A wide variety of unique and exclusive AI cartoon filters are available.

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High-Quality Results

Breathtaking cartoon visual effects are at your fingertips.

Turn a female portrait into cartoon style

Cartoonify an Image in One Go

Whenever you share your selfies, you can apply cartoon photo effects to turn them into marvelous artwork! Fotor's easy-to-use online cartoon image converter is ready to convert your photo into an enchanting piece. The best part? Powered by artificial intelligence technology, our 3D cartoon photo editor online is manual-free and works in less than 5 seconds. Everyone, including beginners without photo editing skills, can witness the transformation to cartoon art in one click!

Cartoonize Your Photo
Five female and male cartoon portraits

Cartoon Yourself for Charming Portraits

Convert your boring portrait pictures to cartoon ones with Fotor's online image to cartoon converter. There are different cartoon face filters, which will spoil you. Powered by AI art generator, just one click will you cartoon yourself online effortlessly to get amazing effects. Whether you want your own cartoon character or avatar, our picture to cartoon converter covers them all! Cartoonize pictures for yourself or friends to have endless fun now!

Cartoonize Your Photo
Turn golden retriever dog into cartoon style

Cartoonize Photos for Your Pets

Don't leave your pets out of the fun! Fotor's cartoon pet filter is the perfect tool to turn your pet photos into unique cartoons. The cartoon photo editor for cats works like a charm, making your cat look even more adorable. It'll be like a Disney movie, but with your beloved furry friend as the star! Turn any photo of your pet into a cute and cuddly Disney cartoon character with this free online Disney filter.

Cartoonize Your Photo
Convert the street into cartoon style

Elevate Your Landscape with Photo Cartoon Maker

To create landscape cartoon pictures, head to Fotor's picture to cartoon converter to select one of our landscape anime filters. There are a whole bunch of cartoon styles and effects available. Go ahead, and you can turn landscape photos into cartoons like a professional artist. Stay ready to cartoonize images and achieve the maximum artistic vision!

Cartoonize Your Photo

How to Turn a Picture into a Cartoon?

  • Click the "Cartoonize Your Photo" buttton to upload your image to our AI cartoonizer tool from AI image generator. 
  • Choose from our AI cartoon effects and filters avaiable in the left menu bar. 
  • Plus, in our cartoon photo editor, you can adjust the number of AI-generated cartoonized images and take control of the similarity of your cartoon image in the "Advanced Settings". 
  • Click "Generate" and see our tool turn your photos into cartoon in seconds. 
  • Once satisfied, click the download button to save your cartoon pictures.
Cartoonize Your Photo

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