Anime Avatar Maker

Creating cartoon and anime avatars is easier than ever before in the anime avatar maker from Fotor. Instant for beginners, hobbyists, and professional avatar designers to make anime avatars with AI!

Make two female anime avatars from uploaded female image in fotor ai anime avatar maker
Make anime avatars for a female in two anime styles in fotor anime avatar maker

Instant Anime Avatar Maker from Images

Backed by powerful artificial intelligence, our anime avatar creator online allows you to make your own anime avatars from your own portraits and selfies. Just upload images to our anime avatar maker, and you can create your own avatar in eye-catching anime styles. Plus, Fotor offers you various anime headshot styles in its anime maker, where you can have options to decide what your favorite anime avatar style is. Click the button to use our anime avatar generator in no time!

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Generate a female anime avatar from text in fotor ai anime avatar maker

Generate Anime Avatar with AI Avatar Generator

Enter prompts in our avatar generator, choose any anime mode you like, and our AI tool will output the anime avatar or cartoon avatar as exactly as you expect in seconds. Moreover, you can generate again until you find your favorite AI-generated anime avatars. Switch to our anime avatar maker to make an avatar now!

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Turn a bw female portrait into anime avatar and use it as instagram avatar

Anime PFP Maker for Social Media

Follow the anime avatar trend on social media platforms with our anime profile picture maker. You can try something new to win over likes, comments, and fans like making yourself a unique anime avatar to stand out from the rest. Our AI headshot generator allows you to create special anime pfp for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more.

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Four anime avatars made in fotor anime avatar maker for twitch platform

Make Twitch Anime Avatar with Ease

Want to have something different from the normal gaming avatars? Try our anime avatar maker to take your Twitch avatar to the next level. Our mega anime avatar creator offers you an incredibly amazing experience to create an avatar free with the trendy anime style and cartoon style. Now use our avatar maker to help you get more views in your gaming channels!

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Make anime character avatar for vrchat platform in fotor ai vrchat anime avatar maker

VRChat Anime Avatar Maker

Ready to become a popular Vtuber and influencer in your VRChat channel with our cutting-edge VRChat avatar maker? Our anime avatar maker allows you to create a character avatar that makes you stand out from other users in the community. Our VRChat anime avatar maker will definitely add extra freshness to your avatars because you can make one-of-a-kind anime avatars from your own images and prompts. Start to create avatars in our anime maker online!

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Make a cat anime avatar from image in fotor anime avatar maker

Create Unique Animal Anime Avatars

Amazingly, our anime avatar maker also offers instant access to make animal avatars for those animal lovers. You can upload your pet images to our anime pet avatar creator, and our AI will generate creatively cute anime cat or dog avatars for you to use. Give it a try!

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A female anime avatar made in fotor anime avatar maker

How to Make Anime Avatars with AI?

  • Click the “Create Anime Avatar Now” button to switch to our anime avatar maker.
  • Make sure you are in the “From Image” mode. Then, upload your portraits or images to our avatar maker, choose the anime style you like, and your anime avatars will be presented on the screen in seconds.
  • You can generate again until you find your favorite cartoon or anime avatar.
  • Alternatively, you can click the “From Text” mode to generate the avatar from your prompts. You should describe as detailed as possible to get the best anime headshot.
  • Download your anime pfp and avatar when you are satisfied.
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