AI VTuber Maker Online Free

Enter descriptions to make free VTuber avatars, VTuber characters with full bodies, and VTuber backgrounds in Fotor’s AI VTuber maker in minutes. Get unlimited access to enrich your VTuber assets and attract attention to your streaming channels!

Make a female V Tuber character in Fotor AI V Tuber maker
Generate a male V Tuber Character in Fotor AI V Tuber maker online

Easy-to-Use AI VTuber Creator

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Fotor’s AI VTuber maker has been trained to learn the VTuber models to output the best VTuber assets you want. Just enter your descriptions for your wanted VTuber avatars or backgrounds, and our AI VTuber design tools will work and show you the outcome of VTuber asset designs in minutes. Plus, you can change the number of your AI generated VTuber designs. Click the button to explore our AI VTuber creator online for free!

Generate VTuber Assets with AI
Generate A female V Tuber character and a V Tuber background in fotor

Generate 2D VTuber & 3D VTuber Assets as You Like

Fotor’s AI VTuber maker allows you to take full control of the style of AI generated VTuber assets. You are in the driver’s seat to decide the generated VTuber avatars, characters, and backgrounds are in the 2D or 3D styles. Anyway, you will have the best VTuber assets according to your descriptions and wanted styles because there are well-trained 2D & 3D VTuber models in our AI VTuber generator.

Generate VTuber Assets with AI
Three AI generated V Tuber characters in the anime and 3 D styles

Make Virtual Avatar with VTuber Avatar Maker

With Fotor’s VTuber avatar maker, you won’t be limited to the preset digital VTuber avatars on steam or the streaming channels. You can create your own 2D VTuber avatar or 3D avatar for streaming free without buying VTuber avatars or paying for avatar software. Here with our avatar simulator, you can generate AI avatars as Twitch PFPs or make your own gaming avatars for VTubing. Switch to our AI VTuber avatar creator to gain your own free VTuber avatars now!

Generate VTuber Assets with AI
Three female V Tuber characters generated in Fotor AI V Tuber maker

Create Full Body VTuber Character Using AI Powered VTuber Generator

Besides making a VTuber avatar, Fotor’s AI VTuber maker allows you to generate full-body VTuber characters. You can decide how your AI generated VTuber characters look according to your description, including gender, age, hairstyle, outfits, and more. Moreover, you can create the AI VTuber characters with your own anime or cartoon AI filters from your own images in Fotor’s AI VTuber generator.

Generate VTuber Assets with AI
Generate three TTuber backgrounds in Fotor online AI V Tuber maker

Stylish VTuber Backgrounds for Your Streaming Room Assets

As an essential part of the VTuber assets list, VTuber backgrounds matter a lot. To make your VTuber streaming perfect, it’s necessary to have a stylish VTuber background for your live streaming channel. Fotor’s AI VTuber maker allows you to generate your own VTuber backgrounds in your preferred styles, be it anime art, 3D graphics, cyberpunk themes, and many more. With a few minutes, you can have AI generated backgrounds for Vtubing.

Generate VTuber Assets with AI
Female V Tuber streaming channel and likes

Win Over Fans for Your Channel with AI VTuber Maker Online

Let Fotor’s AI VTuber maker be your first choice when you want to boost your AI VTuber streaming. You can generate every VTuber asset from AI avatars to backgrounds as you expected for free. Our AI VTuber maker for twitch allows you to unleash your creativity to have the best VTuber designs to promote your channels and use the AI generated VTuber assets to attract more followers and subscriptions.

Generate VTuber Assets with AI

How to Make a VTuber?

  • Click the “Generate VTuber Assets with AI” button to switch to Fotor’s AI VTuber maker and get started.
  • Type the text of your wanted VTuber avatar or background design as detailed as possible in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” , and adjust the number and style of the AI generated VTuber assets on the right toolbar to perfect your AI VTuber avatars or backgrounds.
  • Then, click the button "Generate" again, wait for Fotor’s AI tool to output the best AI VTuber designs.
  • Finally, don't forget to click the download button to save your VTuber assets.
Generate VTuber Assets with AI

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