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Make a PNGTuber avatar with Fotor’s easy-to-use PNGTuber maker, and attract more attention and bring extra fun to your streaming channel!

Generate two cute girl pngtubers in fotor pngtuber maker
Generate a cute dancing anime girl pngtuber from prompts in fotor pngtuber maker

Make Your Dream PNGTuber with PNGTuber Avatar Maker

Leave behind intricate PNGTuber software and embrace the easy PNGTuber avatar maker by Fotor. Requires no skills and extra hassle manual operations, everyone can bring the dreamed PNGTuber to life through 2 easy steps: enter the prompts and select the desired style. That’s it! And the best part? Our AI PNGTuber maker simplifies and automates the whole process within seconds while generating a free PNGTuber avatar exactly to your liking.

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Transform female daily life selfie into anime pngtuber in fotor online pngtuber maker

Transform You into Mesmerizing PNGTuber Character

Utilize our AI PNGTuber program to transform yourself into a PNGTuber for your streaming channel. Simply upload your selfie to our PNGTuber maker, select a preferred style, and watch as a captivating PNGTuber character is created based on your facial features. That will engage your fans and rejuvenate your live content.

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Anime boy pngtuber doing live stream on twitch and discord platform

Craft Captivating PNGTuber Avatars for All Streaming Platforms

Catch the trend of VTuber live stream to attract more viewers and win over fans. Protect your privacy while adding extra fun to your channel with a PNGTuber avatar. From Discord to Twitch, our PNGTuber maker is the best and easiest choice. Try our tool and make your own PNGTuber to make your livestream interesting and eye-catching!

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Generate anime girl pngtuber in fotor online pngtuber maker

How to Make a PNGTuber?

  • Click “Make Yours Now” to switch to our PNGTuber maker.
  • Enter the description of your wanted PNGTuber avatar, and choose the style as needed.
  • Adjust the number of generated PNGTuber avatars, then click “Generate” to get yours in seconds.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the “From Image” mode to turn your selfie into the PNGTuber.
  • Once satisfied, click “Download” to save and use your AI-generated PNGTuber avatar on streaming channels.
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