AI Pokemon Generator

Type the wanted Pokemon descriptions and Fotor’s AI Pokemon generator will output the Pokemon creature as you expect. Free to create your own Pokemon and let your Pokemon dream come true in minutes!

Three ai generated pokemon style monsters in Fotor ai pokemon generator
Generate a pokemon style creature from text with Fotor ai pokemon generator

Make a Pokemon from Text in Minutes

Supported by artificial intelligence, Fotor’s AI Pokemon generator is trained by millions of Pokemon images and Japanese anime images to output the best Pokemon creatures. Type your wanted Pokemon text as detailed as possible in the text bubble, and our Pokemon sprite maker will create Pokemon as exactly as you expect in minutes. Give it a try!

Generate Pokemon with AI
Generate 3 pokemon creatures from one pokemon descriptions in Fotor ai random pokemon generator

Powerful Random Pokemon generator Online

Fotor’s AI Pokemon generator allows you to explore and collect the AI-generated images as you like. Our Pokemon randomizer generates different results that will surprise you once you have selected the Random mode. Moreover, remember to adjust the number of the generated Pokemon images to get more possibilities when you are making your own Pokemon characters!

Generate Pokemon with AI
An ai generated pokemon monster and various pokemon styles to choose from in Fotor ai image generator

Create Pokemon Art with AI in Various Styles

Still, Fotor offers you more than 10 Pokemon art styles to choose from when you are using its AI Pokemon maker. You will get different Pokemon creatures based on your chosen style. If you want a vintage-like Pokemon, the 90’s anime style is best for you. Alternatively, the anime illustration generates cute pictures of Pokemon. Switch to Fotor’s AI Pokemon generator to make yourself a Pokemon now!

Generate Pokemon with AI
Two 3d ai generated pokemon creatures from Fotor ai 3d pokemon maker

Get Amazing Pokemon Pics in 3D Pokemon Maker

Backed up by the cutting-edge Pokemon generator model, making a vivid 3D Pokemon is easy in Fotor’s Pokemon creator. Besides creating the 2D Pokemon, Fotor’s AI Pokemon generator also output the fabulous 3D Pokemon as long as you choose the 3D mode or command with 3D in your wanted Pokemon words.

Generate Pokemon with AI
Generate a pokemon creature in fotor ai pokemon generator online from text

How to Make a Pokemon with AI?

  • Click the “Generate Pokemon with AI” button to get started.
  • Type your wanted Pokemon text or words in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” and choose “From Text” mode on the left toolbar once you have finished your descriptions. Remember to describe as detailed as you can to get the best AI-generated Pokemon sprites.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the AI-generated Pokemon on the right toolbar. Adjust the parameters, including ratios, details, light effects, and more in the left toolbox to perfect your Pokemon images.
  • Click the download icon to save your Pokemon PNG and share it online.
Generate Pokemon with AI

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