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Avatar Cropping Made Easy

Fotor is the easiest avatar cropping tool you'll ever use. With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, cropping avatars online is just a breeze. You can crop your avatar picture into a circle, square, rectangle, and even a heart shape. No matter what shape you want to crop your avatar into, you can do it all in a few simple clicks!

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Crop Avatars for Discord Perfectly

Want to crop your avatar or pfp for Discord? Not a problem. Fotor's Discord avatar cropper allows you to crop avatar images to the exact size you want. You can choose between preset aspect ratios or enter the height and width of your desired dimensions. In no time, you’ll have a perfect-sized 128 x 128 pixels avatar picture for Discord. Now it's easier than ever to create avatars for all social media platforms!

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Crop avatars online without losing quality

Crop Avatar Pictures Without Losing Quality

Your avatars will always be sharp and crisp with Fotor's avatar cropper. Besides that, even if you have a low-quality, pixelated avatar picture, it doesn't matter. By using Fotor's AI blur remover tool, you can turn your low-resolution, blurry avatar picture into a clear one in an instant.

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Beautify avatar pictures with various options using Fotor

Beautify Your Avatar in a Snap

Want to give your avatar or pfp a more personalized and unique look? You can enhance it easily using Fotor's powerful online image editing tools. Change background, apply various image filters and effects, add stickers, captions, and colorful round borders, etc. It's easy to edit your avatar to reflect your tastes and personality.

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How To Crop An Avatar?

  • It's easy to crop avatars with Fotor's online avatar cropper. To start, please click the button "Crop an Avatar Now".
  • Upload your avatar into Fotor or drag it to the canvas.
  • Find the Crop tool on the left side of the editing panel and click it. You can select from different shapes and aspect ratios, or enter an exact width and height.
  • Once you’ve finished cropping, click on the "Download" button to save your HD avatar to your computer immediately.
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