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With Fotor's image cropper, effortless crop png images by defining a rectangle in pixels or cutting png in different ratios for free.

Make a jumping man bigger and clearer by cropping image
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Crop PNG Instantly

Try our free online photo cropper, you can freely crop photos online, which makes you swiftly crop several images into various shapes. Whether you want to crop your png images to fit your social media or want to make your photos more creative, Fotor photo cropper is a good choice!

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Crop Any Unwanted Part of PNG Images

You may quickly fix the cluttered background with the help of Fotor's online photo cropper. Crop unwanted parts of the image to highlight the theme, and improve and optimize the composition of the image. Easily remove unwanted objects from photos with just a few clicks.

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Crop portrait, foot and hand images in circle, heart shapes

Crop PNG Images into Shapes

With just a few clicks, create artistic photos by cropping images in different shapes with the image cutter. You can easily crop pictures into circle, square, rectangular, triangle, and heart. Make your photos more attractive! Don't hesitate to crop an image instantly!

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Crop image for instagram and youtube

Effortless Crop Photos for Social Media

Don't worry about your png photos not fitting your social media. Fotor's image cropper makes it easy to crop png images to fit your Instagram posts or Facebook covers. Besides, you can choose a suitable size template to apply to your image for your mobile wallpaper and Pinterest posts, even custom sizes with our online cropping tool.

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Crop image with fotors desktop app

Enjoy the Convenience With the Png Cropping App

Fotor's online photo cropper is not only available for iOS and Android devices, but also for Mac and Windows. You can easily crop png images with our png cropping tool on any device. Download Fotor's fun-filled app to start creating amazing photos right away.

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How to Crop a PNG Image in 4 Steps

  • Click the "Crop an Image Now" button and upload the image you want to crop.
  • Enter the exact px values in the "Width" and "Height" fields, or simply select one of our pre-determined size templates, or drag the corners of the crop tool to freely crop the image.
  • Drag the corners of the scale diagram to refine the photo size.
  • Click "apply" and save the image in the file format you need.
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FAQs about Crop Png Images

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