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Shape image into custom shapes online with Fotor's photo shape editor. There are heart shapes, circle shapes, and other polygon shapes for you to choose from. Cut out shapes for free.

Shape picture into heart and circle shapes

How to Cut Out Shapes?

  • It’s quick and easy to crop pictures into shapes using Fotor’s photo shape editor. Simply click the "Shape Image Now" button.
  • Then upload your image. Select the crop frames in your left toolbar. There are various shapes for you to choose from.
  • Cut out the shape from the image. Drag and drop to adjust the shape size and position.
  • Also, you can add text, remove the background, and fine-tune the image even further using the built-in editing tools.
  • Once done, download your cutout image. We support PNG and JPG formats. Save the image with transparent background for future design.
Shape Image Now
Shape food images

Easy to Use Photo Shape Editor

Cutting pictures into shapes is so easy with Fotor's photo shape editor. No complicated operation. Just upload your image, and choose one shape you like- square image, rectangle image, triangle image and more. Then you can successfully make your pictures out of shapes. Besides, the shape size can be changed to get the perfect effect.

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Put picture in heart shape

Make Heart Shape Images

It is very funny to put your picture in a heart shape. Cut out heart shapes to make a special photo collage and show your love for someone.

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Cut out circle shape images of still life

Create Circle Shape Images

Making pictures out of circle shapes can help you create a circle picture. Crop your picture into a circle shape, change the circle size and circle area, then you can get beautiful photos.

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shaped girl image with transparent background

Download Shaped Image with Transparent Background

After cutting out the shape from the image, you can save your image in PNG format. The shaped image with transparent background can be used as your profile picture for various social media.

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Add effects and resize your image

Explore More Image Editing Tools

In addition to shaping pictures, Fotor does so much more. You can remove backgrounds, flip images, adjust contrast, apply photo filters, and more. Use them before or after cropping, which will make your cutout beautiful and attractive.

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Shape Image FAQs

How can I shape my photo online?

Besides heart and circle shapes, does Fotor have any other shapes?

Which is the best photo shape editor for shaping photo?

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