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With the image cropper of Fotor, effortless crop JPG images by defining a rectangle in pixels or cutting JPG in different ratios for free.

Crop a jpg image of two young girls on the beach
Crop three jpg images into circle triangle and heart shape

Crop JPG Images into Shapes

Within a few clicks, create aesthetic photos by cropping JPG images into different shapes with the image cutter in Fotor. You can easily crop pictures into circle, square, rectangular, triangle, and heart. Crop JPG now to make your picture more artistic and attractive. And you are also allowed to crop JPG images in a bulk.

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free to crop pear image

Easily Crop Any Unwanted Part of Your photo

With our online image crop tool, you can eliminate unwanted sections of your JPG image and highlight its subject, and improve and optimize the composition of the image with a few clicks. Or easily remove unwanted objects from photos to bring out the subject.

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Crop image for instagram and youtube

Crop JPG Image to Fit Your Social Needs

Create designs that are perfect for social media. Change the JPG picture’s aspect ratio to fit any template.

Image cropper in Fotor offers standardized templates that respect the size specifications of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. By cropping JPEG images, you can create designs that fit into the templates.

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Customize the cropped image

Do More with Your Cropped Image

After cropping your JPG image with our online photo cropper, you are allowed to do more with the cropped JPG for a bigger project. Unleash your creativity with the photo editing tools and graphic design elements from Fotor. Remove the background of your JPG image to highlight the subject, apply different filters, or add stickers for a stunning design.

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