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Spice up your design projects easily with our extensive clipart library. With Fotor's free clipart maker, you can easily add clipart to photo or convert a photo to clipart. Try it now!

Add clipart to photo and turn photo to clipart onilne easily with Fotor clipart maker
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Elevate Your Designs with Our Free Clipart Library

Our clipart creator offers a variety of stylish clipart suited for various themes. No matter what kind of clip art you're looking for, cute animals, stylish icons, playful doodles, or festival clipart for Christmas or Halloween, we've got them all! Find the perfect clipart to elevate your artwork and add a touch of personality. Explore our free clipart library to get started now.

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Turn photo to clipart using Fotor free online clipart maker

Turn Photo to Clipart With Simple Clicks

Our clipart maker offers a huge collection of clip art for you. But want to make your own clip art? We’ve got you covered too. With simple clicks, you turn your images into clipart in no time. Just upload the photo you want to convert into a clipart, cut out the most interesting part of your photo, and erase the background in 1 click using our AI background remover tool. It's that easy! You can also add outlines and other decorative elements to make it more eye-catching. In minutes, you’ll have a custom clipart that’s ready to share. Try it out to turn your favorite photo to clipart and have fun!

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Add clipart to photo using Fotor

Easily Add Clipart to Photos and Make Them Pop

Looking to add some fun and creativity to your photos? Look no further than our clipart maker! Just upload your photo and you can immediately start decorating it with clipart. There are tons of clip art available on our clipart maker. Browse the clipart categories and search for the specific clipart you want to add. Once you’ve selected the clipart you like, drag them to your photos. Get some fun vibes to your photos now.

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Edit clipart online easily using Fotor clipart maker

Design and Edit Clip Art With Ease

Clip art on Fotor is totally customizable. You can easily modify them with drag-and-drop online tools to suit your needs. Resize, recolor, rotate, and add outlines and shadows. You are free to edit clipart however you want. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your clipart on Fotor.

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Generate clipart from text with Fotor AI clipart maker

Create a Pack of Clipart in No Time With AI

Backed up by advanced AI technology, our clipart maker allows you to quickly and easily make clipart online in a snap. Just enter detailed descriptions for your desired clipart design, and our AI text-to-image feature will automatically generate a series of free clipart images for you! It’s never been easier to create clip art with AI.

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How to Make Clipart?

  • With Fotor’s clipart maker, you can effortlessly create a clipart. Open Fotor's clipart maker and click the "Element" tab. You'll find a library of high-quality clipart to choose from.
  • Select the clipart that suits your needs and add it to your editing canvas. Adjust colors, resize, crop, flip, or add lines and shapes to your liking.
  • Alternatively, you can make a unique clipart from your own photos. Just upload your photo, isolate the main subject you want to turn into clipart, and remove the background. To make your clipart pop, consider adding outlines to emphasize the shapes.
  • Once you're happy with your creation, click "Save" and choose a suitable format to save your clipart.
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