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create stickers for whatsapp

Free Online WhatsApp Sticker Maker

Personalized stickers delight your chatting on WhatsApp. Add your own emoji stickers to make your friends feel and know more about your mood. Also when discussing TV shows or anime with your friends on WhatsApp, try relevant stickers to add fun to the conversation.

Besides your download sticker packs online, you can create stickers from photos with Fotor's WhatsApp sticker maker! Remove background from image to get a transparent png soon, and add funny stickers to your image.

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use stickers to decorate items

Make Your Items Stand Out With Personalized Stickers

Unleash your creativity to make your items more unique and interesting with personalized stickers! Try Fotor's sticker customizer to show your taste and personality.

Simple stickers can make your items stand out. You can start by designing laptop and water bottle stickers to make your items recognizable. Using the sticker editor in Fotor, you can easily create a sticker to decorate your personal items.

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six cat stickers to express feelings

Custom Stickers to Express Feelings Visually

Stickers convey a person's emotions vividly and directly with text and graphics. Use love heart stickers to express love or gratitude, apply question mark stickers to show your doubt or lack of understanding, and show your support and encouragement with rock stickers. Besides, making your own text stickers is another option to show how you feel.

That's the charm of stickers. You can use your digital sticker packs to express your feelings directly and visually when chatting or commenting. With Fotor's best sticker maker and png maker, you can DIY stickers quickly.

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holiday stickers

Sticker Design for Any Purpose or Occasion

The occasion will not confine the use of stickers. Use stickers to decorate or render the atmosphere with the proper and suitable stickers. Design Christmas stickers to celebrate the holiday, decorate the birthday stickers to spice up the atmosphere, and celebrate Thanksgiving Day with thank you stickers. Fotor's sticker creator makes your sticker ideas come true.

Fotor's sticker maker allows you to create stickers for different occasions and purposes in a few easy steps! Try Fotor sticker creator to design stickers now!

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logo stickers

Customize Stickers for Business to Boost Sales

Expand your brand reputation by having a logo sticker. Start designing your own brand logo now and use it for brand identity promotion. You can put digital stickers on your brand's website, or batch your logo sticker png and print it out using a sticker creator machine to put on your e-case sticker pack. Start using Fotor's commercial sticker creator to help you create your stickers for your business.

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create stickers in Fotor sticker maker app

Custom Sticker App to Create Your Own Stickers

Fotor's sticker editor allows you to create stickers on your phone. All you need to do is download and log into the sticker creator app on your phone and you can design and create stickers anytime and anywhere. Easy for you to export your digital stickers to any communication channels or to print them in PNG and JPG format.

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How to Make Stickers Online?

  • Click on the "Customize Stickers Now" button to get started. Upload or drag and drop the image for making stickers.
  • Then click "Open Image" to upload the image for making stickers.
  • Remove the background from an image using our free and 100% automatic background remover in Fotor.
  • Add text and dialogues to it, decorate it with emojis and icons, or customize more with other Fotor's free tools.
  • Download your sticker png with high resolution for printing or easily share your digital png stickers online.
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