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Decorate your car with bumper sticker to stand out using Fotor’s online bumper sticker maker. Design your own bumper sticker with free stunning bumper sticker templates.

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Make Your Own Custom Bumper Stickers Instantly

Make high-quality bumper stickers to make your car stand out from the crowd! Fotor's free online bumper sticker maker allows you to make all types of beautiful bumper stickers for free without having to pay for them.

Use the preset templates to quickly create your bumper stickers, print out, and then you can show them off on your car.

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Various bumper sticker templates

Show Yourself With Various Bumper Sticker Templates

Easy to get your bumper sticker design started with Fotor’s bumper sticker templates. Loads of stunning sticker templates are free to create digital bumper stickers.

Not only the words bumper sticker, but you can also create campaign bumper stickers, president bumper stickers, funny bumper stickers, and even political bumper stickers. Express yourself with all types of bumper sticker templates in Fotor’s bumper sticker generator!

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Unleash Your Bumper Sticker Ideas With More Customization

Personalized stickers can make your bumper sticker more unique and interesting. Fotor’s bumper sticker maker allows you to unleash your creativity with more customization.

Fotor's bumper sticker maker supports picking a bumper sticker to the canvas, then removing the background or changing the background color from your stickers. It's also available to select the relevant sticker in our sticker library, then adjust the color, size, or other settings to give more possibility to your personalized bumper sticker.

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Design bumper sticker in cell phone

Design Personalized Bumper Sticker Even on the Go

Fotor's bumper sticker maker is also supported on mobile. When you get a sudden burst of inspiration, all you need to do is download and sign in to the bumper sticker creator app on your phone and you can design and create stickers anywhere, anytime. You can easily export your bumper stickers and print them in PNG and JPG format.

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How to Make Bumper Sticker?

  • Click “Make Bumper Sticker Now” to get started.
  • Click "Elements" on the left tool menu, enter the keyword "bumper sticker" in the search box. Then, browse and choose one of pre-made stickers you like to the canvas.
  • Maximize your bumper sticker with creativity. Customize it by changing color, adding texts or creative elements, etc.
  • Preview and save your post. Choose the format and size that you want.
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