Free Merch Maker

Make your own merch online with our free merch maker. Easily create a logo design for your branding and insert it into your merch.

Promote your brand and grow your audience by selling custom merchandise.

Use Fotors merch maker to design a rock logo and add it to mug and bag designs
Adding a coffee logo to merch designs of a T shirt and a mug

Easy to Make Your Own Merch

Fotor makes it easy to create merch that aligns with your branding strategy and boosts your business. Whether you want your loyal fans to wear your logo or are organizing a corporate giveaway, our merch creator has you covered.

By utilizing our logo maker's diverse selection of free logo templates, you can effortlessly fashion a personalized brand logo design, and integrate it into your merch options, such as T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other items.

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Apply a blue music logo to a t shirt merch design

Merch Maker for T-shirt Design

With an extensive library of design elements, you can effortlessly create visually stunning and unique T-shirt designs. Whether you're looking to promote your brand or spread a slogan, our T-shirt merchandise maker can bring your idea to life, captivate your audience and make a lasting impression.

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Apply a cute green logo to a hoodie merch design

Merch Maker for Hoodie Design

Connect with your followers on an epic scale and leave a lasting impact with a hoodie design that proudly showcases your branding. Selecting from an extensive range of templates, and colors from our merch designer, stand out from the crowd and solidify your brand identity.

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Four merch mockups generated by Fotors AI image generator

AI Merch Mockups Generation

In addition to the creation of custom brand merch designs, Fotor also supports using the AI mockup generator to generate any AI merch mockup you want, including but not limited to T-shirt mockups, book mockups, and mug mockups.

Simply input the product description, and get a professional-looking AI product in seconds. By combining this feature with our merch maker, you can enjoy a streamlined, all-in-one solution for creating your desired online merchandise.

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Edit a green merch picture in Fotors merch maker tool

Create Custom Merchandise Pics

Create an eye-catching merch image from start to finish with our merch maker. From product mockup generation to logo design, and even product flyers that increase sales - all under one design platform. Effortlessly remove a product background and create a professional instant background, add sales-promoting text, and insert business logos. Creating custom merchandise has never been easier!

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Design a mug merch in Fotors merch maker

How to Make a Merch?

  • Click the button "Create Merch" to go to our merch designer.
  • Upload your merch image, and click "Templates" on the left, then, choose "Logo" category, look through all our templates and choose one to add to your merch.
  • Customize it by changing color and fonts, adjusting layout to maxamize your merch design.
  • Finally, save and download your free merch design once you are satisfiled,
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