Create Instant Backgrounds Online

Generate a high-quality, virtual instant background online for your product images with Fotor's AI-powered instant background maker. Enhance your images and boost business.

The whole process takes just a few seconds, try it now!

Add a realistic background generated by AI to a lipstick image
Remove the background of a chair photo with Fotor

Remove Background from Image Automatically

Our instant background generator allows you to remove and change the background of any photo online with a few clicks. Simply drag and drop your photo into our AI background remover tool, and the tool will automatically detect the background and quickly remove it from your photo. Say goodbye to manual cutting out and hello to powerful AI technology. Removing photo backgrounds has never been easier!

Create an Instant Background
Remove and chnage the image background with Fotor

High-quality Background Images

With our instant background changer tool, you can easily replace your image backgrounds with high-quality realistic scene backgrounds, and turn any product snap into a professional product shot in seconds.

Create an Instant Background
Generate different product image backgrounds with Fotor's AI background maker

Enhance Your Photos with AI Generated Backgrounds

The instant background generator automatically replaces dull or unwanted backgrounds with stunning, customized visuals. Using these randomly generated backgrounds not only elevates the aesthetics of your product photos but also helps to capture the attention of your target audience. Enhance your photos with AI-generated instant backgrounds, and boost the overall impact of your marketing efforts!

Create an Instant Background
Generate AI instant background from text prompt

Generate Realistic Instant Background from Text

In addition to an array of realistic scene styles, Fotor enables you to create the perfect backdrop that you've envisioned. To craft a custom instant background, just enter a comprehensive description of your desired background, covering aspects such as the scene, elements, and lighting, into the AI background generator. In no time, you'll have an impressive and lifelike background tailored for your product!

Create an Instant Background
Create e Commerce friendly background of shoe photo with Fotors AI backgrdound remover tool

Made Exclusively for Product Photography

Our AI instant background maker designed for product images automatically identifies the subject in your photo and creates backgrounds and shadows that match the angle and lighting of your original product photo based on the different photo content, making your photos look more realistic. Add instant backgrounds to your e-commerce photos instantly and take your business to the next level!

Create an Instant Background
Generate an instant background for a shoe image with Fotor

How to Create an Instant Background?

  • Click the “Create an Instant Background" button, and upload your image or drag and drop the image to start replacing background.
  • Our AI background remover will remove background from picture automatically and instantly.
  • Choose the background color you want in the dashboard on the right, or you can generate a high-quality AI realistic background for your image.
  • Download the image in HD PNG format.
Create an Instant Background