Free Online Green Screen Photo Editor

Effortlessly remove green screen backgrounds from your images with a single click.

Seamlessly integrate new backdrops to match any event or requirement, enabling swift customization for various occasions and creative needs.

Remove the green screen and add a gradient bule background to a man image in suit and tie
Remove the green screen background of a man portrait

Remove Green Screen From Image in a Single Click

Our green screen photo editor has state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring a smooth cutout and high-quality image result. It automatically and intelligently detects the subject from an image, and cuts it out.

With only one click, you can remove green screen from image in just seconds. No intricate steps and manual removal are needed, try now!

Edit Green Screen Image Now

How to Remove Green Screen From Image?

  • Click the "Edit Green Screen Image Now" button to upload your image.
  • It will automatically remove green screen in seconds.
  • After that, add background with a solid color or choosing from the preset backgrounds.
  • Download the picture in HD. Or transfer to our editing features for more customizations.
Edit Green Screen Image Now
Create a transparent headphone png to seamlessly merge into a new background

Effortlessly Replace Green Screens for a New Background

Fotor makes it easy to remove and replace the green screen background of your image or video clips. Our green screen photo editor processes every detail and texture of the image to perfection, allowing it to naturally and seamlessly merge into the new background.

No need for chroma key anymore, Fotor can help you remove photo background in one tap. After that, you can change a new background with a solid color or the preset backgrounds varying from different occasions, or just make a custom background with your photos.

Edit Green Screen Image Now
Add a pink background and text to a little girl green screen image

Freely Edit Green Screen Image to Create Stunning Designs

Fotor provides a huge library of design tools and resources, helping you to add personal and artistic touches to your photos. After removing the green screen and adding a desired new background, you can add text and stickers, apply aesthetic photo filters, etc to maximize your graphic designs. Feel free to unleash your creativity and create your art masterpieces.

Edit Green Screen Image Now
Remove the green screen from a man portrait on fotor app

Free Green Screen Remover App in One Go

Remove green screen from image at your fingertips with our free green screen remover app. You can change background of photo to transparent and then add an aesthetic background to look perfect in one tap. Plus, you can make further customizations with our all-in-one photo editing and design tools. The Fotor app makes everything easy and possible, just try it!

Edit Green Screen Image Now

Online Green Screen Photo Editor For Every Need

Edit Green Screen Image Now

Why Choose Fotor's Green Screen Photo Editor?

Ai icon

AI Background Removal

No manual edits needed, it offers an automatic and seamless background erase.

Background library icon

Extensive Background Library

Explore a wide collection of preset background images. Add background to photos easily.

High quality icon

High Quality Export

Our green screen photo editor delivers a crisp and HD output quality for every image.