3D Character Creator

Bring your imagination toward characters to life in the 3D character creator from Fotor. With our powerful AI 3D character builder, the possibilities for designing stunning and realistic 3D characters are endless.

Generate two females and a male 3d characters in fotor ai 3d character creator
Generate a 3d female fantasy character from text in fotor 3d character creator

3D Character Design Generator from Text

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and 3D character models, our 3D character creator allows you to make highly detailed and realistic 3D characters from entered prompts when selecting the “3D” mode. After telling the AI character generator about your 3D character generation ideas, our 3D character maker will analyze and make a character exactly as you expect in seconds. Surprisingly, you can have multiple 3D character creations online at one time. Click the button to generate 3D characters now!

Create 3D Characters Now
Use fotor ai 3d character generator to make realistic female characters

Instant 3D Realistic Character Creator

Seeking an easy way to create realistic 3D characters instead of using traditional 3D models? You’ve come to the right place because Fotor’s realistic character maker offers you instant access. With our AI 3D person maker, you can make a character online that looks like a real person for use in your advertising posters and social media ads. Our 3D character creator is an amazing AI tool to help you get human-like 3D characters in seconds!

Create 3D Characters Now
Five 3d characters generated for gaming use in fotor 3d character generator

3D Character Generator for Game Development

Also, Fotor’s 3D character builder can help gaming startups create character game assets, which saves time and budget. With your entered 3D character creation ideas, our AI OC maker will output highly-detailed 3D characters like never before. And Fotor is not only the human maker but also a 3D creature generator that generates 3D fantasy characters like witches and monsters for video games!

Create 3D Characters Now
Use the ai generated 3d characters from fotor to use for the 3d animation creation

Make Characters for 3D Animation

You can also use our 3D character creator to make characters for your 3D animations. Instead of paying for professional 3D character designers, our AI-generated 3D characters can be used as your free character design source for free as long as you have your own ideas. You can get marvelous and unlimited animated 3D characters in Fotor’s character generator in seconds. Click the button to use the 3D character maker now!

Create 3D Characters Now
Generate a female character in fotor ai character generator online for free

How to Create 3D Characters with AI?

  • Click the “Create 3D Characters Now” button to switch to the 3D character creator.
  • Type prompts for the wanted 3D character in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” and choose “3D” mode on the left dashboard once you have finished your descriptions. Remember to describe as detailed as you can to get the best AI-generated character drawings.
  • Click the download icon to save your AI-generated 3D character designs.
Create 3D Characters Now