6 Best Email Signature Examples & Tips for Professional Email Signature (2024)

Summary: This is a post sharing 6 best email signature examples and templates for you to create your own email signature like a pro with ease.

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A well-designed email signature leaves a good impression on your target clients and recipients. Also, it is a way to showcase your personality and promote branding and marketing. Thus, you need to create a professional email signature.

In this blog, we will discuss how a well-crafted email signature benefits your brands and organizations. Most importantly, we will share the 6 best email signature examples and give useful tips to create proper email signature format to inspire your own email signature design. Let’s dive in!

What Is an Email Signature?

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One email signature with a text block, typically located at the end of the email, contains information about the sender of the message. It may include the message sender's name, title, contact information, company name or logo, and any other additional information the sender wishes to include.

Email signatures can be added automatically to every email sent by the sender as set up in an email client or webmail service. An email footer helps offer recipients a quick and easy way to get in contact with the sender.

Why You Should Have an Email Signature?

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When your customers start to learn more about your company or more about your products, the email signature at the end of the marketing email you send is a great way to make a good first impression on your customers. Here is the importance of creating a professional email signature:

  • Provide Contact Information

In general, contact information in your email signature, including phone numbers, email addresses, and real addresses, can help your customers or recipients get in touch with you more easily and help increase customer retention rates.

  • Promote Brand Recognition

An organizational email signature helps your customers learn about your brand and the products and services you offer. It's a great way to make a good first impression, build a connection with your target market and target customers, and increase brand awareness.

  • Build Trust

An email signature is a way to identify yourself, which will let your customers know that the email is not spam or phishing.

  • Useful Marketing Access

Email signatures will give your customers more ways and access to your organization and services. Regardless of your logo, or social media links, it’s effective for digital marketing.

What Should an Email Signature Include?

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It is essential that your email signature be concise and visually appealing and avoid including too much information or over-cluttering your email signature with too many design elements. It is necessary for the recipient to know your personal or company information and to successfully contact you. An effective email signature should include the following:

  • Full Name

To identify yourself, you should add your full name, including your last name and first name, to your email footer. This will help people know who to contact and how they want to give feedback on any issues.

  • Job Information or Title

Besides your full name, you should include detailed job information in your email signature to help the message receiver understand the status of your position in the company or brand.

  • Contact Information

Whether you are responding to a customer service consultation or sending a marketing email, you should give people a way to contact you. This includes your phone number, email address, and any other relevant contact information, such as a physical address or fax number.

  • Social Media Links

Providing social media links in your email signature is another way to help your customers or recipients quickly learn about and contact your company or organization. The best way to do this is to add a link to your company's website and social media accounts to your email signature.

  • Company or Brand Name and Logo

If you are creating a professional email signature for a company or organization, you can add the company name and logo to it. This is a positive way to enhance your brand recognition.

  • Professional Headshot

Similarly, you can add your personal headshot to your email signature to help make a positive first impression on the addressee.

  • CTA

This is a good way to add an effective call to action to your email signature to help promote your brand or product. However, your CTA should serve as a suggestion to help the recipient to understand or give feedback rather than exert pressure.

6 Best Email Signature Examples and Ideas to Inspire Your Email Signature Design

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Below we will share the 6 best email signature examples and amazing email signature design ideas to help you create your own ones. From professional email signature examples to company email signature examples, we will get you all covered!

1. Basic Email Signature

This is the most straightforward way to tell your target customers and recipients who you are and how to contact you. Usually, it concludes your name, job title, and email address.

2. Personal Email Signature Example

It’s good for individuals to add a personal touch to their email signatures. You can add a personal headshot and other contact information to leave a good first impression on the recipients. For individuals, your can learn from the following student email signature examples or teacher email signature examples.

3. Branded Professional Email Signature Example

Usually, your company or brand digital marketing email should have a well-designed work email signature to tell your target recipients about your company information, what services and products you offer, and how to contact you to give feedback.

4. Email Signature Sample with Social Media Links

Adding social media links is also a good way to offer alternative access for recipients to know your company and contact you. You can have your organizational Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter links on your email signature.

5. Email Signature Example with CTA

You can add a text line to prompt your recipients to take an action, which is really good when you are promoting digital marketing via email. But you should make sure you are not exerting pressure on them.

6. HTML Email Signature

To create an interactive and eye-catching email signature, your HTML email signature should be designed into a stylish one, including different sizes, colors, fonts, and shapes in the graphic designs.

Useful Tips When Making A Professional Email Signature

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To make sure you get a professional email signature effectively, here are some email signature suggestions and tips that can make it work better when creating your own email signature. Keep reading.

  • Make it Simple

First and foremost, an email signature is a way to leave a good first impression on the recipient, and you should make sure that the entire design of your email signature is neat and reader-friendly. Everything should be designed in a way that does not distract the reader, including typography, fonts, colors, or graphics.

  • Prioritize Information

One of the most important functions of an email signature is to identify and provide contact information to the recipient, so you should emphasize the most important elements of the message first.

  • Make it Mobile-Friendly

It is also important to ensure that recipients can clearly skim and read your email signature on other portable devices.

  • Consistent Branding

As mentioned earlier, email signatures are very good ways to conduct brand marketing. It's important you need incorporate elements related to your brand into the design.

  • Test & Optimize

To get the most out of your email signature, you should design two or three email signatures and test them to select the one with the best feedback. Also, optimize them to increase recipient engagement and click-through rates.

  • Update Email Signature

To ensure that any information provided in your email signature is the most accurate and up-to-date, you should update your email signature regularly.


In this blog, we have shared 6 best email signature examples for you to create a professional email signature to promote branding and marketing. And we have shared the necessary and useful tips to make your email signature design easy. Hope you find this blog helpful.