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Create professional ID photos of any size effortlessly with Fotor's online ID photo maker.

Take control of your passport, driver's license, and other ID photo needs on your own with Fotor!

Convert gray background woman image into white background id photo with fotor id photo maker
Make an id photo from female image by changing its background color into white

Create Your Professional ID Photo in a Snap

Looking to save time and money by creating ID photos from your regular pictures? Give Fotor's ID photo maker a try.

With Fotor, you can automatically identify the subject in the picture within seconds, smoothly remove the background, and replace background with a clean white backdrop in just one click. Easily obtain professional ID photos without any technical skills!

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Three different sizes female id photos

Various Size of ID Photo Templates for All Situations

Fotor provides three different sizes to meet the photo ID requirements of everyday life. These sizes include the standard US passport size photo, ID photo, and driver's license photo size requirements for most countries.

All you need to do is upload your photo into the suitable size of ID photo template without any manual cropping operation. Free your hands, and start from choosing Fotor's id photo maker!

Make Your ID Photo Now
Blue color background driver license photo white background id photo

Replace Background Colors for Any Proper

In addition to white background ID photos, there are various situations where different background colors are required, depending on the country's specifications.

Simply select the background color layer, choose your desired color, and effortlessly create ID photos or passport photos with the perfect background color!

Make Your ID Photo Now
White background female image with pdf jpg and png icons

Download and Print ID Photo Without Losing Quality

Fotor's ID photo maker preserves original photo clarity, ensuring professional ID photos with no quality loss.

Furthermore, Fotor offers an AI-powered photo enhancer tool and high-quality image export format options to cater to different requirements. Take advantage of the opportunity to create and download your own ID photos today!

Make Your ID Photo Now
Create white background female id photo with fotor id photo maker

How to Make a ID Photo

  • Click the button “Make ID Photo Now” button to get started.
  • Find “Templates” and select a preset size template from “ID Photo” on the left toolbar.
  • Click “Change Photo” to upload your image or directly drag and drop photo to the canvas. Fotor will automatically recognize the portrait and change the background color to white.
  • Resize and center the portrait, you can click “Adjust” tool to change the parameter of the image.
  • Preview and click “Download” button on the top to save your photo in JPG, PNG or PDF format.
Make Your ID Photo Now