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Make funny outline pictures with Fotor's picture outline maker online for free!

Inspire your creativity to add white outlines to your photo like a pro. Create stickers, profile pictures, and memes instantly.

Outline picture with fotor‘s picture outline maker
Before and after comparison of adding outline to a portrait

Quickly Add Outline to Image

Add outline to photo quickly with Fotor's image outliner, no Photoshop skills required. To add a white outline to your photo, just upload your photo and remove the background with one click using Fotor's automatical bg remover, then choose one of the preset outline effects and customize the color and spacing to create outline of image in minutes. Making outline pictures has never been easier!

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Add white outline to photo with fotor

Enhance Your Picture with The White Outline

Adding a white outline to a picture is a good way to stand out a person or an object in a photo, and this effect is regularly used as the YouTube thumbnail. Use Fotor's photo outline maker to add a white outline to your visual content to enhance and highlight your subject matter to draw people in. Try to make your white outline pictures instantly!

Outline Pictures Now
Remove photo background and add blue outline to photo

Remove Background for Outline Portrait

Great backgrounds are very important for outline pictures. You can easily remove the background from your portrait with Fotor's background remover. Outline your portrait like a pro to make the pfp or memes. Replace image background or change background color of the photo to fit the theme of your profile pic or visual content, and you can even upload your own exclusive photos to use as backgrounds.

Outline Pictures Now
Make stickers with white outlines with fotor photo outline maker

Make Funny Outline Photo Stickers

Spice up your pictures with picture outlines to make them look like stickers. Outline a picture with our image outliner and your photo will be turned into an instant sticker. Not only that, but you can arrange your outline pictures with other stickers you like to make sticker collages and print them out!

Outline Pictures Now
Make a outline photo for instagram with picture outline maker

Share Your Outline Pictures on Social Media

Make an outline of a photo to enrich your social media visual content. Whether you want to make a YouTube video thumbnail or Instagram post, Fotor's picture outline maker has you covered! Choose your favorite template from our huge preset free templates, and add a white outline to your photo to create an amazing outline picture to attract viewers.

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How to Outline a Picture?

  • You can easily outline images with our picture outline maker. First, click the button "Outline Pictures Now" to get started.
  • Upload your image to the canvas.
  • Click the tool "background remover" on the above toolbar to remove the photo background, and change the background color of the photo.
  • Select the person or subject you want to add an outline, click "Edit Photo", find "Image Style", then select an outline effect you like and customize the color, thickness, etc.
  • You can also combine other creative elements such as stickers and texts to decorate your design further.
  • That's it. Finally, download your work in the desired file format.
Outline Pictures Now

Create Picture Outlines Instantly with Fotor

Outline Pictures Now

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