Emoji Profile Picture Maker

With our online emoji profile picture maker, create personalized profile pictures from emoji in a snap, no editing and design skills are needed.

Perfect for social media platforms and instant messaging apps.

Four cute emoji profile pictures created by Fotors emoji pfp maker
Create a cool emoji profile picture with Fotors emoji stickers

Easy-to-use Emoji Profile Picture Maker

The user-friendly profile picture maker from Fotor enables you to effortlessly create custom emoji profile pics that showcase your personality and style. Even the newbies can make a stunning emoji avatar here. With an extensive library of emojis, stickers, backgrounds, and customization options, the emoji PFP maker empowers you to stand out in the social circle. Moreover, our AI PFP generator also supports you to generate AI profile pics from text, creating a PFP online has never been easier!

Make an Emoji PFP
Panda emoji avatars with different backgrounds

Various Preset Emoji Profile Picture Backgrounds

We offer a vast collection of high-quality preset backgrounds for your emoji profile pictures, ranging from solid colors and gradients to intricate patterns and stunning images. These preset backgrounds provide an excellent foundation for your custom PFP designs. With Fotor's emoji profile pic maker, you can easily modify these backgrounds to match your vision and create cool emoji PFP pics.

Make an Emoji PFP
Make a pink rabbit emoji pfp for Instagram with Fotor

Create a Cool Emoji Profile Pic for Social Media

Fotor's emoji profile picture maker tool enables you to effortlessly create a cool and eye-catching emoji avatar for your social media profiles, showcasing your unique personality and making a bold statement. This user-friendly tool helps you make your own PFP as your recognizable and engaging identity across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, attracting more views and likes as a result.

Make an Emoji PFP
Whats App emoji profile pictures for different purposes

Reflect Identity with an Emoji Avatar

Creating a custom avatar is an interesting way to showcase your individuality, and it helps you stand out and be easily recognized among your friends and online communities. With our emoji profile picture designer, you can also create and customize matching emoji avatars to represent your group's activities, topics, and goals. Choose from a vast selection of emojis and backgrounds to design a unique and representative visual emoji avatar for your group chat.

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Download an emoji profile picture in transparent png format

Download in Transparent Background Format

Our emoji profile picture creator offers a variety of image download formats including PNG with transparent background. By removing the background and downloading your custom-created emoji in a high-resolution transparent PNG file, you can effortlessly incorporate it into various projects, from instant messaging apps to photos. Try it now!

Make an Emoji PFP
Create an rabbit emoji profile picture with Fotors emoji profile picture maker

How to Make an Emoji Profile Picture?

  • Firstly, click the button "Make an Emoji PFP" to get started.
  • Choose your favorite emoji sticker in the "Elements" on the left tool menu, and place the emoji in the canvas.
  • Find the "Background" option on the left, browse the library of preset backgrounds and choose one you like. Then, adjust the emoji size, the transparency of the background, etc. to perfect your profile pic.
  • If you want to create a profile picture with your face and an emoji, upload a photo of yourself using the "Import" button, then edit and resize it as needed.
  • Besides making your emoji avatar from scratch, you can also use our editable profile pic templates and add personalized touches to it.
  • When you are satisfied with your emoji profile picture, you can download it in HD format and share it online.
Make an Emoji PFP


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