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Create a hoodie design with the best hoodie design maker. Create a unique hoodie design for your brand, event, or personal wardrobe online for free.

Customize hoodie design with fotor
Pick from logo templates and add one to the hoodie

Easy to Use Hoodie Design Maker

You can easily make a custom hoodie pattern with Fotor's hoodie design maker without any design skills. Fotor offers styles of beautiful design templates for you to choose from. To design a sweatshirt or hoodie, just browse and choose one template that fit the tone for your brand, and export it to print it on your hoodie, sweatshirt, or t-shirt. Designing a hoodie has never been easier!

Make A Hoodie Design
Customize fonts and color of logo

Design Your Own Hoodie Pattern with Customizations

With our graphic hoodie design maker, you can create fully customizable hoodies in minutes. Unleash your creativity to make personalized hoodie designs by changing color, adding stickers and creative illustrations, and you can even use our preset text combinations to perfect your design. Take advantage of Fotor's vast library of design resources to make unique and creative hoodie designs that fit your brand or individual needs now!

Make A Hoodie Design
Turn a butterfly photo into a colored pencil drawing and print it on a hoodie

Use Your Own Photo to Design a Hoodie

There's nothing cooler than creating graphic hoodie designs using your own photos! With Fotor's AI art generator, you can convert your photos into cartoon or other art. Combine this tool with our hoodie designer to easily create unique and personalized hoodies for your parties or events, and make your outfit stand out!

Make A Hoodie Design
Make a creative logo with transparent background and print it on hoodie

Make a Hoodie Design with Transparent Background

Create a transparent background for your design, so that you can easily print it on your hoodie or shirt. Fotor's background remover allows removing the photo background in seconds, and you can quickly replace the background with the color or photo you like in a few clicks.

Make A Hoodie Design
Design a brand logo and print it on hoodie and business card

Promote Your Brand with Fotor's Custom Hoodie Maker

Use our hoodie design maker to promote your brand and business. Create custom logo designs or graphics that fit your brand tone and apply them to the uniform, business cards, merchandise, etc. to improve team cohesion, and make a lasting impression that will make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Make A Hoodie Design

Explore More Hoodie Logo Design Templates

Make A Hoodie Design

How to Make a Hoodie Design?

  • Click the “Make a Hoodie Design” button to get started.
  • Find the “Templates” in the left menu bar, and select ‘Logo”. And you can see lots of logo templates there.
  • Select one template that suits your brand or you can start with a blank canvas.
  • Explore Fotor's elements of design assets to perfect your hoodie design, add text, change color, or insert other design elements.
  • Download your stunning design in JPG, PNG, or PDF format to print it on your hoodie or sweatshirt. You can also export it with transparent background.
Make A Hoodie Design

FAQs about Hoodie Design

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