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Want to brand your pictures with your logo? With Fotor, you can add logos to your pictures in just seconds for free.

Everything can be done right in your browser- fast & simple.

Add logo to photo online with Fotor photo editor
Add Logo to picture online easily using Fotor

Fast and Free to Add Logo to Picture

Fotor makes it simple to put a logo on a picture. Just upload your logo and picture, drag and place the logo to where you want it, and that’s it. You don't need any technical skills or to download heavy software. And best of all, you'll be able to download your finished pictures in high-resolution formats completely free of charge!

Add Logo to Photo Now
Customize logo with ease using Fotor

Customize Your Logo with Handy Tools

Fotor offers you a comprehensive set of editing tools to make sure you can properly insert a logo into your photos. In just a few clicks, you can crop, rotate, resize, change the opacity of the logo, and more, so it fits your photo perfectly. Fotor also allows you to add a batch of photos at once. You won't find a more efficient way to add a logo to photos online.

Add Logo to Photo Now
Remove background from logo easily with Fotor

1 Click to Remove Background from Logo

Don’t have a PNG logo with transparent background? No problem! Fotor's background remover will handle that for you. It uses AI technology to automatically recognize and remove background from logo for you. Fotor will deliver a high-quality result no matter how complicated your logo is. In no time, you'll have a transparent logo to use right away.

Add Logo to Photo Now
Free app to add logo to photos

Free App to Add Logos to Photos

Fotor is not just an online tool, it's also accessible via phone. You can use Fotor's photo editor app to add a logo to a picture on an iPhone or Android device quickly. There are also a lot of photo editing features in the Fotor app. You can use it to improve image quality, apply photo filters, add stickers to photos, and do a variety of other edits. Download Fotor app to take your photo to the next level!

Add Logo to Photo Now

Do More Than Just Adding Logos to Photos with Fotor

Make custom logo easily with Fotor

Make Your Own Custom Logos

With Fotor, you easily create a professional logo even without any prior design experience. There is a large collection of customizable logo templates that are tailored to various industries and niches. Whether you're looking to create a text logo or a gaming logo, we have you covered. Pick a logo template you like, then customize it by tweaking colors, fonts, layouts, and more to make it yours. Create your own unique logo to represent your business now!

Add Logo to Photo Now
Add watermark to photo easily using Fotor

Add Watermarks to Photos

Looking for an easy way to watermark your photos? Fotor lets you create and add custom watermarks on photos quickly and easily. You can add text watermarks, logo watermarks, and batch watermark multiple photos at once. The process is simple and straightforward. Protect your photos and copyrights now with Fotor.

Add Logo to Photo Now
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Add Text to Photos

Fotor makes it easy to add text to image online. In just a few clicks, you can add captions and cool text to your images. Choose the Text tool, type your text in the text box, then drag it to the desired location and you're done. Additionally, you can experiment with different fonts, colors, and layouts to make your image more appealing.

Add Logo to Photo Now
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How to Add Logo to Photo?

  • Fotor online photo editor makes it easy to add logos to photos. To get started, upload your logo and your photo to Fotor.
  • Then insert your logo in the photo by dragging and dropping it. You can freely place it wherever you like.
  • If you wish, you can customize the logo using handy editing tools. You can rotate, resize, change the color, and adjust the opacity of the logo.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your photo, export it to a high-resolution format, such as PNG or JPG, and then download it. It’s easy, fast, and free to add a logo to photos using Fotor.
Add Logo to Photo Now

Adding Logo to Photo Has Never Been So Easy

Add Logo to Photo Now