Standard Logo Dimensions

Logo Usage Logo Dimensions
Instagram Profile photo (circular) 110px x 110px
Facebook Profile photo (circular) 160px х 160px
YouTube Profile photo (circular) 800px x 800px
Twitter Profile photo (circular) 400px x 400px
LinkedIn Profile photo (circular) 400px х 400 px
Pinterest Profile photo (circular) 165px x 165px
Google+ Profile photo (circular) 250px х 250px
General Logo 600px х 600px
Etsy Shop Icon 500px х 500px
T-shirt Print 14’’ x 15’’
Email Signatures 320px wide, and 70–100px high
Logos play an important role in expanding brands. Because logos are a kind way to give culture to a company, even an individual. People love to display their logos in many places, such as social media profiles, T-shirts, even email signatures etc. Different logo usages match different standard logo sizes, such as the Facebook logo size is 160px х 160px. Fotor's image resizer can help you adjust your logos for all kinds of uses.