How to Make a Logo

Use Fotor's logo creator, which makes it easy to create a wonderful logo by simply dragging and dropping. It is the perfect way to leave a great first impression with your target audience!

Logo size

Standard Logo Dimensions

Logos play an important role in expanding brands. Because logos are a kind way to give culture to a company, even an individual. People love to display their logos in many places, such as social media profiles, T-shirts, even email signatures etc. Different logo usages match different standard logo sizes, such as the Facebook logo size is 160px х 160px. Fotor's image resizer can help you adjust your logos for all kinds of uses.

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How to Make a Logo Online for Free?

  • To start, click the button "Get Started" to create a blank canvas.
  • Find "Templates" at the left tool menu, and select "Logo" size. You can see many logo templates there.
  • Browse and choose a preset design and drag and drop your photos onto the template, or create your own template from scratch.
  • Manage overlays, backgrounds, text, and other elements to maximize your design.
  • Preview and download your work, selecting the format and size you desire.
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Get on the super express to make a beautiful, unique logo with Fotor's logo creator now!

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