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Make a beautiful and unique flag for your organization, team, or community with Fotor's flag maker.

Choose from our pre-designed flag templates, and you can design a flag in minutes.

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Customize Your Flag with Rich Elements

Customize your flag design to make it stand out from the crowd. There are rich graphic elements, font styles, icons, etc. in our element library. With them, you can quickly modify our preset flag templates. At the same time, you can also drag and drop to adjust the overall layout and design of the flag. A brand new flag has been done.

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Make an Unique Flag for Different Use

Whether you want to design a country flag, the flag of your favorite sports team, or the flag of a community organization, use Fotor's flag creator online to meet your needs. If you are not satisfied with the existing flag templates, you can also independently create your own flag from scratch. As long as you think of it, you can design it with Fotor.

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How to Make a Flag?

  • Click the “Make a Flag” button to get started.
  • Find and click "All Templates" to choose "Flag". There are many pre-made checklist templates for you.
  • Choose one flag template you like. You can change the background color, adjust the fonts, and add stickers and icons.
  • When you finish, click "Download" to save your flag design.
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Flag Maker FAQs

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