12 Best Fonts for Logos Design 2024

This post covers the best fonts for logos in 2024 and top tips on how to choose the matching fonts for your logo design, and how to use Fotor photo editor to design your logo. - Fotor

different brand logos with different fonts

Font choice is crucial to logo design, especially when it comes to commercial brand logo design, it is necessary to pay more attention to the font. The suitable font will greatly enhance the brand tone and give your customers a better visual journey.

Are you confused about various fonts for logo design?

Don't worry, this post will help you to learn about the fonts. We will cover all the information you want to know about logo fonts, including the best fonts for logos, tips on logo fonts choosing, and how to design logos with fancy fonts using Fotor.

Best Fonts for Logo Design

Although there are so many stylistic and beautiful fonts for users to choose from to design a logo, it is essential to know which are the best fonts for your logos.

Best Modern Fonts for Logos

The modern font is considered to be a type classification from 1800, and the traditional modern fonts had a vertical type and thin horizontal serifs. This is an illustration of a traditional modern logo typeface:

the serifs font

But in 2024, traditional modern fonts no longer meet the needs of people for design. It is considered more aesthetically pleasing to add a modern twist to the classic font, so today's modern fonts are often sans serif fonts. Serif fonts with curved or short underlines on each letter. Sans serif fonts, on the contrary, look more futuristic and modern.

Let's take a look at some of the well-known brands that use sans serif modern fonts.

  • Helvetica Now
the helvetica now font

Helvetica Now is a popular, gentle, and aesthetically pleasingly modern font for logo. Brands like Microsoft and Jeep have been using Helvetica or a close variation of it in their brand logos for years. Monotype company solidified the legacy of one of the most popular and stunning sans serif fonts ever created with the release of Helvetica Now in 2019.

  • Futura
the futura font

Futura is a geometric sans serif font designed by Paul Renner and released in 1927. It is a stunningly versatile font based on modern geometric shapes (especially circles).

You can often see Futura in headlines and body text of articles, and the font is also widely used in advertising and logo design, especially by IKEA (until 2010), Supreme, Party City, Volkswagen, etc.

  • Open Sans
the open sans font

Open Sans is a young humanist sans serif font designed by Steve Matteson and released in 2011. Open Sans is very legible on the screen, and it is also popular in graphic-style web design. open sans is commonly used in Google web pages and some web ads.

  • Urbine
the urbine font

Urbine is a different font from the usual fonts, it is an urban style font with soft rounded edges. Designed by Ckhans Fonts in 2021, this font has a friendly, lovely and modern look, and it is one of the popular logo fonts.

Best Business Fonts for Logos

Fonts and typography are very important for brand logos. If you want your logo to have a business style, then the best fonts for branding should be clean and simple. Use a font with a simple look and typography to pair with your brand logo and enhance its appeal, make your brand identity stand out.

  • Proxima Nova
the proxima nova font

The total number of fonts in the Proxima Nova family is up to 48. This font is very clean in style, which makes the content easy to read, which is why this font is used in many different platforms. By no means a complete count, Proxima Nova has become one of the most popular commercial fonts on the web since the 2010s, and is used on thousands of webs worldwide.

  • Times New Roman
the times new roman font

Times New Roman is a serif font that has a dignified atmosphere on the page, it was designed in the early days as a font for newspaper printing. And today, it is loved by many brands for its fancy, luxurious and elegant look as well as its powerful readability. It is a perfect choice for luxury brands.

  • Rockwell
the rockwell typeface

Rockwell is a geometric flat serif font released in 1934, with a single-line structure. Brands looking for a versatile flat serif font are well-matched to this classic font. Its sophisticated look makes it easy to match almost any mood, from serious to relaxed, or from sophisticated to approachable.

  • Monarda
The font monarda

Monarda has an advantage over many script fonts because it is easy to read and resembles cursive, cursive and handwriting in appearance giving it a warm and approachable feel. Therefore it is widely used for hospitable family branding.

  • Horizon
the horizon font

Horizon is a clean-looking but creative logo font that instantly brings you back to Star Wars. This sans serif font comes with different font styles and multi-language support. Feel free to use it as a font for magazines, or logos, as it has a wide range of potential.

Professional Fonts for Logos

One of the most important principles of minimalist logo design is that it is driven by the idea that less is more. The font should be presented in the logo in the simplest way possible, without additional decoration. So without delay, let's take a look at the professional logo fonts.

  • Panton
the panton font

It is distinguished by great legibility in terms of web and print design.

This font family is best suited for headlines and text of all sizes and is suitable for any type of graphic design on the webs, print, etc., such as posters and logos.

  • Azedo
the azedo font

It is named after a Portuguese designer Pedro Azedo, this font is sure to fascinate you with its look and charm in addition to its beautiful name. It is one of the top fonts for logo design due to its bold, interesting, and striking typography.

  • Southern Script
the southern script font

What could be cooler than a font that evokes a beach vibe? In fact, this font style would be ideal for chain restaurants and motels on the beach, among many other potential uses for business logos.

Tips on Choosing the Best Fonts for Logos

Here're some tips on how to pick the best branding fonts.

  • Define Your Brand Personality

To choose the best fonts for logos, the font needs to be consistent with the tone of your brand.

If your brand is authoritative, then a classic serif font will be a better fit for your logo.

If your brand is a very modern and fashion brand, then a sans serif font may be a better choice for you.

  • Align with Your Target Clients

If you are in law or other very serious professions, then you may need to present a trustworthy image to your clients. Therefore, you may choose a traditional serif font to connect with your clients.

If you are in design or other artistic professions, creative and lively sans serif fonts will be more popular with your target clients than traditional fonts.

  • Consider Legibility

While the appearance of a font is important, readability is also essential. You need to keep a balance between readability and personality.

  • Keep it Simple

Don't lose the most important thing - simplicity - in the pursuit of a distinctive logo design. As the saying goes, less is more. A simple font is a key to a perfect logo design. Try not to use multiple complex fonts and stay away from unnecessary symbols. Use only meaningful elements in your logo design.

How to Use Aesthetic Fonts to Design a Logo with Fotor's Logo Maker?

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Fotor's logo maker makes it easy for you to create a logo design with aesthetic fonts. You can make your own logo in minutes without any Photoshop skills.

  1. First, go to the logo maker.
  2. Now, in the top left of the page, you will see a logo template tab. Scroll and browse them to choose a logo template that matches the tone of your brand. Or you can enter a keyword in the search box above to get more precise template results.
  3. After opening the template you will see a row of editing tools at the top, including color, font, size and other editing options. Click on the font tab and you will see a variety of different font styles for logos, choose the right font as needed. You can bold the text and adjust the transparency of it, and even bend it to the curved text to match your logo. What's more, you can customize your design with logo stickers or other elements.
  4. That's it, download your perfect logo with professional font in the desired file format.

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Above is our list of all the information you need to know about logo fonts. Whether you want to add a cool font to your logo or insert a quote for your Instagram post, Fotor's text feature and powerful design templates can meet your needs.

Now that you know about fonts, you can easily choose the best fonts for logos, and wander through the sea of design with Fotor!