Meaning of Logo Colors: Select the Best Colors for Your Brand

Summary: Get to know what’s the meaning of logo colors and how to select the best colors for a logo. Then you could benefit from its worldwide recognition.

the green logo with the green envelope

Logo is the most important identity of a brand. A good logo could show the culture and spirit of the brand and the specialty of its products. And the colors in logos matter a lot to a logo and your brand.

Choosing the proper color for could offer clients a good visual effect. And colors and their meanings would provide logos with hidden meanings.

For instance, the red logos for Coca Cola could make clients stop and take notice immediatly. And this would guide them to by a bottle of it.

And the red logos are always connected with passion and energy. Whenever the clients feel tired,seeing the red logos of Coca Cola, they would buy a bottle to bring back their energy.

So the best logo colors could gain you the benifits of brand spreading and products selling.

Let’s know more about meaning of logo colors to make your brand logos more charming!

Meaning of Logo Colors

There are quite a lot of logo colors for you to pick. Knowing the meaning of each color firstly is
good for creating adistinctive and competitive logo. And how to use colors for differentiation to make your brand logo distinctive and competitive.

Red Logos

Red is one of the primary colors. What does the color red mean? It usually symbolizes passion, love, warmth, comfort, romance excitement, health, anger, hunger and life.

According to its logo color meaning, this attractive, energetic and powerful color is frequently applied in the logos for restaurant, hospital, charity and exciting industries. There are a lot of famous brands in the color of red, such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, You Tube, Red Cross and so on.

Red logos would catch the eyes of the clients and intrigue their passion and interest towards your brand. This would boost your brand recognition!

Yellow Logos

Yellow usually has a connection with friendliness, cheer, youth, energy, positivity, happiness, innovation and caution. Its cultural meaning include gold, fields of wheat and corn, sunlight and so on.

Thus it plays an important part in the logos and could be applied to highlight the crucial part of the logo. Industries involving automotive sectors and fast food.

There are some specific brands used yellow as their logo color, such as Denny, Lay, Ferrari, Stanley and Snapchat, DHL and so on.

different yellow logos in various shapes

Orange Logos

What does the color orange mean? The meaning of orange normally has a relationship with energy, excitement, prosperity, warmth, playfulness. And this logo color is fond by the food, drinks, art and the sports industries. And the logo color is also related with change including changing seasons marked by autumn leaves and the change of the sunset and sunrise marked by orange sky.

And some industries trying to be creative and to show confidence and energy would choose orange as a part of their logo colors. They are JBL – the energizing and motivating music industry, Naruto, Mastercard and so on.

Purple Logos

What color does purple represent in meaning of logo colors. Colors meaning of purple is various including spiritual awareness, luxury, authenticity, truthfulness, high quality, introspection, an air of royalty and sophistication, celebration, Education and Elegance.

Companies like cosmetics and high-end retailing, candies, confectioneries, fashion and child-centric brands prefer purple logos pretty much.

There are some famous purple logos, too. Urban Decay use purple to highlight its bold and confident attitude. Hallmark applies purple logos to convey class and indulgence, innovation and imagination. And Syfy uses purple to show mystery and intrigue.

different purple logos

Green logos

What does green symbolize? The logo color meaning of green is bond with nature, health, wealth, tranquility, harmony, fertility, a sense of balance and calm.

Thus brands that wish to portray an opportunity for fresh starts and security, natural health would love to pick green logos.

Acer chooses the logo color meanings in green that contains inspiration and ingenuity. Android as the technology sector to show its achievement and motivation.

Blue logos

Meaning of the color blue is just like the seas in calm status. The hidden meanings in logos of blue express a sense of calm and spiritual awareness. And color logo meaning contains wisdom, loyalty, mystery, sophistication and respectability, too.

Thus brands involving healthcare and medical would take blue logos as their top choice. In addition, darker blue logos would add a sense of confidence and professionalism to famous corporate logos.

Alexa – the famous technology company, uses blue logos to convey innovation and aspiration.

BMW just apply blue as a part of its logo colors to show its flag and highlight the heritage of the automobile brand.

different blue logos

Brown logos

What does the color brown represent? The logo colors meaning of brown expresses a sense of seriousness. And brown logos are always related to nature, reliability, confidence, security and friendship, too.

Therefore industries involving agriculture, construction, and legal sectors would put brown logos among their top list.

A&W put brown colors as part of its logo colors. And the logo color meaning is to give impression that it’s a class different from the premium category.

Cleveland Browns brown logo is to show the American Football Champion team’s confidence and solidarity.

Pink Logos

What does the color pink represent? Color meaning in logos of pink contains a sense of energy and cheer with a perception of soothing calm. And pink logos are usually connected with physical tranquility, warmth, love, sexuality, romance and femininity, beauty and fashion.

In this case, companies selling clothes for children and accessories would love to choose pink logos.

Victoria’s Secret use pink logos to show the logo color meanings of confidence, strength and femininity.

Barbie’s pink logos with hidden meanings of femininity and beauty of girls and fashion.

Pink logos

Gray Logos

The meaning of colors in gray is usually related with practicality, efficiency, timelessness, classic, seriousness and mystery. And gray is often used as the secondary color to show a sense of calm and make it more neutral for the bold color logos.

One of the famous corporate logos that take advantages of the gray logos is Apple. The meaning of logo colors of Apple shows its maturity, mystery and classic.

Black Logos

Black color meaning in logos contains power, strength, elegance, intelligence, glamour, luxury and modern. Black logos are always fond by brands that wish to present its power and give a sense of authority and respectability.

Black logos’s mysterious and exclusiveness make them a wonderful choice for luxury brands.

Adidas black logo contains three parallel strips to show a mountain. And the logo color meaning indicates its goals and objectives, and shows a sense of modernity.

Prada uses black as the background of its logo colors. And the meaning of logo colors hidden behind is to show its luxuriousness, exclusiveness and dynamics.

White Logos

White logos are usually blank. This feature makes white easy to be ignored and relegated to the background. White logos could usually be applied as a secondary color to provide a sense of contrast. And the background behind would be clean and simple accordingly.

As meaning of colors in white usually contains hygiene, purity, cleanness, clarity, youth, innocence and efficiency. Brands wish to convey a sense of exclusivity, luxury, pure and advance would love white most.

Nike applies white as its logo color. And the logo colors meaning is pureness and notability.

How to Choose Best Colors for a Logo

When choosing the best colors for a logo, you’d better have an overview towards the spirit, value and all other messages you wish to express to your clients.

Pick colors that represent the personality of a company would be rather important.

In this case to choose the best colors for a logo, many factors should be taken into account. And they are as follows,

1. Deside the Combination of Logo Colors

To choose the best logo color is by no means choosing a single color. To form a sense of visual harmony, you need to combine colors properly. And there are three principles for you to make perfect combination, such as Analogous, Complementary and Triadic. You could use color wheel to make proper color pallette properly.

the color wheel with three categories

Analogous means choosing logo colors in a harmonious way. This way would guide you to select logo colors that will relax your clients eyes and make them comfortable.

Complementary means choosing logo colors that are opposite to each other to avoid too similar colors in logos. This way would make logo colors more colorful and special.

Triadic means choosing three logo colors as a whole, and the colors in logo are opposite to each other based on a triangle that is equilateral.

When selecting multiple logo colors, you’d better fallow the three principles and take the most advantage of the wheel pairing theory. This way would save you a lot of time by avoiding choosing the wrong logo colors together.

Color theory should be highlighted when you want to express color meaning in logo in a harmonious and attractive way that will not offend the clients’ eye.

2. Consider the Cultural Impact

As we mentioned above the logo colors meaning has been deeply affected by different cultures, viewing in other’s culture of color in logos would determine how expansive the market your brand is going to spread.

Before selecting the logo colors, make sure you have a foresight of color associations affected by culture in different origins. In this way, you are able to avoid expressing any unintended emotional meanings in logos.

When you want to focus on particular market of certain region, you are supposed to get more detail information of the meaning of colors in logos. The information involves customs, cuisine, myth and so on. This way would help you capture both the eye and the heart of the target clients.

4.Present Competitiveness and Personality

Another factor you need to consider is the competitiveness of your logo colors and the logo colors meaning. This means your logo colors and hidden meanings in logos could build a deep recognition across the country and the worldwide.

To this end, you need to choose the logo colors that is totally distinctive from your competitors in addition to choosing the logo colors that will show what your products are.

When a coffee brand chooses the logo colors, they would relate the color of the coffee – brown with their brands. And this idea would come up with a lot of similar logos. And your logos would not have any edge over others. In this case, you need to think out of box and use other logo colors and logo color meaning that could convey coffee culture.

PETAR 123 has done a good job, because it applied the light blue color with an umbrella. This shows the logos with hidden meanings of sharing a cup of coffee on rainy day to bring warmth to you. This is a good way to show its personality.

coffee logo with a blue umbrella

5. Pick Colors for Differentiation 

And the meaning of logo colors is not always applied due to its psychology level. The meaning of logo colors could also be used for differentiation to make its logo stand out and noticeable.

National Geographic uses yellow as its logo colors not for the logo color meanings of happiness, but to make its brand more noticeable.

Rolex uses green colors not for its logo colors meaning of healthy and environmentalism, but to create the luxurious look and feeling.

Home Depot applies the bright orange to bring attention from others.

Besides, Taco Bell applies purple to show its fresh and novel approach applied in Mexican food.

You can see that the logo colors are not only used for its logo color meanings on psychological level, but also for its sense in differentiation.

Make a Logo with Proper Colors for Free

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1. Brown logo for sports

different brown logos for basketball

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2.Orange logos for musis and sports

different orange logos for music and sports

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3. Green logos for drinks

different green logos for tea

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The meaning of logo colors matters a lot to your brand. It makes sense both on spreading the value, emotion and spirit, culture and aesthetics views of a companies and on making your brands more outstanding. Come and know how to choose the best colors for your logos to expand your market!