Create a T-Shirt Logo Online for Free

Create a t-shirt logo easily with Fotor’s online T-shirt logo maker. Massive shirt logo templates support you to design your own T-shirt logo in seconds.

Create shirt logo with fotor logo maker
Logo t shirt with templates

Create a Shirt Logo Easily With Rich Logo Templates

Fotor’s online T-shirt logo maker has a growing collection of T-shirt logo templates to create a standout logo for your shirt.

Get inspired and time-saving to start your design with preset shirt logo templates.

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Customize fonts and color of logo

Make Your Own Logo Shirt Design With Customization

With Fotor’s T-shirt logo maker, you can fully control the shirt logo templates. You are able to design your own T-shirt by adjusting the color, position, content, and other settings of the logo. Fotor also supported a T-shirt mock-up generator to design your T-shirt in other styles.

Enjoy the design process with Fotor’s online logo maker for shirt.

Create T-Shirt Logo Now
Change background of a logo and a logo shirt

Unleash Your Creativity With Transparent Logo Background

Fotor’s background remover supports to remove the background from logo or change background color of the logo to meet your different needs. You can choose the same style of logo with different backgrounds to print on the t-shirt to make the distinction or get a transparent logo shirt. Click the below button to have a try now!

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Different kinds of logo shirt

Make Brand Logo T-Shirt to Improve Brand Recognition

Putting brand logo on t-shirt can be used for publicity and promotion to increase brand awareness to a great extent.

Fotor's T-shirt logo maker has many brand logo-related templates that can be easily edited to get a professional logo design for T-shirts.

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Bussiness logo shirt with logo card

Design Business Logo T-Shirt to Enhance Team Cohesion

Design business logo shirts to improve team cohesion. With Fotor's T-shirt logo maker for shirts. It allows to create a T-shirt logos in various styles and also creates t-shirt logo in different colors or backgrounds for use in various events of the company.

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Create a t shirt logo on fotor app

Create T Shirt Logo on Mobile Devices

Fotor’s free online T-shirt logo maker now is supported to create a T-shirt logo on mobile devices, and it’s free to download on both IOS and Android. You can do it as easily as online anywhere and anytime.

Create T-Shirt Logo Now

How to Make a Shirt Logo?

  • Click the “Create T-Shirt Logo Now” button to get started.
  • Find the "Templates" feature on the left tool menu, and locate the "Logo" category. There're types of creative logo templates.
  • Choose one to start your T-Shirt logo design. Manage overlays, backgrounds, shapes, and text to adjust your logo design.
  • You can also remove the background or change the color of logo background with Fotor’s background remover.
  • Preview and save your work, selecting the format and size you like to download, and now you can print your logo on a T-shirt.
Create T-Shirt Logo Now