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Convert black and white photos to color online for free, and turn your old photo into a colorful reality.

A blurry and scratched black and white old photo
Old photo restored by Fotor's free online AI photo restorer with fine details and enhanced colors

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How to Colorize a Black and White Photo

  • Upload Photo: Upload your black and white photo to the AI colorization tool.
  • Automated Colorization: The AI will automatically analyze and apply colors to your photo in one click.
  • Review and Adjust: Review the colorized BW photo, and we offer options to tweak the results, like adjusting saturation or applying filters.
  • Download or Save: Once satisfied, you can download or save the colorized photo.
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Restore woman's old photos before colorizing

AI Auto-Colorize: Breathe Color into Old Photos Effortlessly

Fotor's AI picture colorizer brings not just color but also remarkable photo restoration services. We do more than just add hues; we rejuvenate old photos, repair damage, and restore faded details, enhancing their quality to make them appear as if captured just yesterday.

We expertly eliminate noise, and scratches, restore faces, and much more, all with minimal effort. With just a few clicks, and you can witness black and white photos to color in a few seconds.

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Colorize the black and white historical buildings with fotor ai photo colorizer

Colorize Photos to Make History Come Alive

If you are curious about how amazing and marvelous the history is, try Fotor’s photo colorizer to magically add color to black and white photos that witness the history. Whether you want to colorize classic movie screenshots, historical figures, or black and white photos of landscape and building, we have you covered.

With just one click, Fotor brings the vivid life and present that history before you with the AI photo colorization.

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Bringing the Past to Life: Easy Colorization for Old & Vintage Photos

Colorize peoples photo 1
Colorize peoples photo 2
Colorize old landscape photos 1
Colorize old landscape photos 2
Add color to black and white photo of still life 1
Add color to black and white photo of still life 2
Colorize peoples photo 2
Colorize old landscape photos 2
Add color to black and white photo of still life 2

Experience the simplicity of bringing colors to your cherished old and vintage photos with our black and white to color converter. With just a few clicks, watch as the grays and blacks bloom into vibrant, realistic hues, giving your photos a modern twist while preserving their timeless essence.

Whether you're a professional historian or someone looking to reconnect with your roots, our tool ensures that the process of colorization is not just easy, but also enjoyable.

Fotor wedding editor mac windows app

The Go-To App for Bringing Colors to Your Old Photos

Discover the power of vibrant transformation with our Colorize Photo App, a cutting-edge tool designed to change black and white to color. Whether you're dealing with old family pictures, historical archives, or artistic black and white photography, our app makes the colorization process seamless and accessible.

With an intuitive interface, it's perfect for both beginners and professionals. Just upload your photo, and let the app's advanced AI algorithms to color your picture.

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