Relight Photo Online

Relight photo for perfect contrast and lighting results with online AI photo enhancer by Fotor. Create virtual relight images automatically in one click.

Relight women on the flower image into light image with fotor ai photo enhancer
Relight orange butterfly on orange flower into light image with details of the butterfly wing

Brighten Image Online with Relight AI

Get rid of dark and unevenly lit image problems has never been so easy with our AI photo enhancer. Relight and brighten an image to improve your proper photo with more detail. Get a brighter relight AI image with Fotor now!

Relight Photo Now
Relight woman portrait flower photography and shoe product photos into light images

Auto Enhance Image Resolution

Fotor AI editor can detect content from images and automatically unblur photos to high-resolution results. Whether it’s portrait, photography, product or real estate images, easy to transform your photos into high-resolution relight images in a snap.

Relight Photo Now
Relight lady image with adjust box

Get More Customization of Light Photo Editing

Refine AI light images for better results by using Fotor’s built-in editing tools, including brightness, contrast, enlarger, resize and more. Bring your AI light photos to a new level and lift the overall quality of them.

Relight Photo Now
Relight girl in the water image in fotor ai photo enhancer

How to Relight Images With AI Photo Enhancer?

  • Click the “Relight Image Now” button to get started. Upload or drag and drop the image you want to relight.
  • Click “1-Tap Enhance” from the left sidebar to automatically relight the image without losing quality.
  • Refine relight image with multiple built-in editing tools on the left sidebar to meet your need.
  • After you have finished editing, preview and save your relight photo with “Download” button.
Relight Photo Now