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Unpixelate images online for free with the image depixelizer of Fotor. Fotor helps you remove pixelation with a few clicks directly in your browser.

A butterfly picture with half pixelated background and half clear background
A parrot image with half pixelated background and half clear background

Effortlessly Fix Pixelated Images with Single Click

Unpixelate image is faster and easier than ever with the online image depixelizer from Fotor. Fixing a pixelated picture is no longer costly and complicated now.

Fotor enables you to unpixelate images with single click, so you can enhance their quality and recover precious memories.

Unpixelate Image Now
A photo with half pixelated background and half clear background

Free AI-Powered 1-Tap Enhancement Tools

Fotor offers powerful AI image enhancer, which was trained by AI enhancement algorithms for a long time for super crisp results. It helps you convert low-resolution pixelated image to high-resolution with only one click. It will automatically detect and unpixelate images, sharpen images, upscale images and remove blur from photos to improve image quality in no time.

Unpixelate Image Now
Comparison of one pixelated camera photo and clear camera photo

Unpixelate Images to Boost Sales for E-commerce

Don't let blurry, pixelated product photos ruin your product listings and sales! Pixelated product images can be detrimental to your business, as they fail to showcase the item's details and quality effectively. By utilizing online image depixelizer of Fotor to unpixelate images, e-commerce businesses can present their products in the best possible light. Having clear, high-resolution images is crucial to attracting customers and boosting sales.

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Unpiexelate photo for social media to get likes

Depixelate Pictures for Social Media

Take your social content to the next level with Fotor. Make your pictures pixel-perfect before uploading them on social media.

Our image editor enables you to fix pixelated images and sharpen every image so it will look better when you post it on social media or websites.

Pixel-perfect images will help you gain more likes.

Unpixelate Image Now
Unpixelate image with fotor online

How to Unpixelate Image Online?

  • Click the "Unpixelate Image Now" button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop a pixelated image you want to fix.
  • Click "1-Tap Enhance" from the left sidebar unpixelate image automatically and without losing quality.
  • You can always additionally refine your image by using Fotor’s built-in editing tools, including brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, sharpness, curves and more.
  • After you finish editing, save and download your edited image with the desired file type.
Unpixelate Image Now