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Instantly scale down or up images with Fotor's powerful online image scaler.

Change image dimensions or file size with ease.

Scale a girl's image in seconds with Fotor's free online image scaler
Scale images quickly and easily using Fotors image scaler

Fast and Easy to Use Image Scaler

It takes time and technical skills to scale a photo in Photoshop. There is no learning curve when it comes to using Fotor's image scaler. Simply click and drag the image corners to scale it. You can easily enlarge images or make them smaller. Fotor lets you scale images to specific sizes as well. You can change the width and/or height of the image using pixels or percentage. Try it out now to scale pictures in real time.

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Use Fotor to scale images without losing quality

Scale an Image Without Losing Quality

Looking for a way to scale an image without reducing image quality? Fotor's image scaler has you covered. No matter whether you are using Fotor to scale an image up or down, Fotor maintains the original quality of your image and preserves all details. You can always expect high-quality results with Fotor.

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Easily scale images in bulk using Fotor's image scaler

Easy to Scale Images in Bulk

With Fotor's image scaler, you can scale pictures in batches. A maximum of 50 pictures can be uploaded at the same time. Drag and drop all your images into Fotor, choose whether to scale them using pixels or ratios, and Fotor will start batch scaling them in no time. Save time and speed up your workflow.

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Fotor's image scaler interface

How to Scale an Image?

  • You can quickly scale an image using Fotor’s free online image scaler. Firstly, upload the image you want to scale to Fotor.
  • Drag corner handles on the image to scale images in no time. Alternatively, you can adjust the width and height of the image in pixels or percentage.
  • Once you have finished scaling the image, download it to your computer. You can save it in high resolution for free in JPEG or PNG formats.
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Scale Images Instantly with Fotor Now

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