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Free YouTube Thumbnail Resizer

With Fotor's online YouTube thumbnail resizer, you can easily change the image to a YouTube thumbnail size without losing quality.

Instantly resize photos to a custom size for social media!

resize image with Fotor's youtube thumbnail resizer
Resize a portrait with fotors photo resizer

Resize Image for YouTube Thumbnail Effortlessly

With Fotor's YouTube thumbnail resizer, making an image fit on a YouTube thumbnail has never been easier! Just upload your image, enter an exact pixel value or percentage as needed, and you'll get a picture with lossless quality to fit your YouTube in seconds. You can even lock the ratio of your images to prevent them from stretching during the resize process.

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Resize photo without losing quality

Resize YouTube Thumbnail Image Without Losing Quality

Resizing images usually results in blurred or pixelated. You don't have to compromise on the image resolution. With Fotor's YouTube thumbnail resizer, you can easily convert images to youtube thumbnail sizes online without losing their detail and quality. Grab Fotor's free YouTube thumbnail size converter instantly to get your image in the perfect size for your social media, and download it in high-resolution jpg, or png format!

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Resize a cat photo with fotors image resizer

The Best YouTube Thumbnail Size for 2022

The ideal size for the YouTube thumbnail is 1280*720 px. With Fotor's YouTube thumbnail resizer, you can freely change the image to any size you want without cropping. To resize thumbnail for YouTube, just upload the image and enter the exact size of 1280*720 px. No more worrying about your images not being the right size for your YT thumbnail!

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Crop image with fotors photo cropper

Change the YouTube Thumbnail Size with Photo Cropper

In addition to using the Youtube thumbnail resizer to change photos to specific sizes, Fotor's photo cropper makes it easy to quickly crop images to a Youtube thumbnail size. Simply upload a photo and select a preset photo size template to instantly get a photo size that matches your social media. You can also bulk crop photos with the crop tool. Cropping multiple photos with a single click has never been easier!

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Resize image to fit different social media platforms

Resize Images for Any Social Media Platforms

Produce images perfect for any social media platform with Fotor's Youtube thumbnail resizer. With the help of our photo resize tool, you can resize images for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Making images suitable for social media is no longer a concern!

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