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Resize jpeg Images for Free

With Fotor free image resizer, resize jpeg images online without sacrificing quality.

You easily resize any images to the exact size or ratios in seconds.

Resize a portrait with fotor photo resizer
Resize dog image without stretching

Effortlessly resize any jpeg images

Fotor online image resizer helps resize images to your desired sizes in a few clicks. Dragging and drop your image to canvas, adjusting the image size or aspect ratio, Fotor photo resizer processes the image size to achieve your desired effect quickly. The image won't ever be stretched out to look distorted.

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reduce the size of little boy and girl image

Freely change the size of the image

Drag the corners or edges of the canvas to resize, freely resize your images to your preferred size without compressing the image quality, and instantly reduce the image size to KB.

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Resize skiing image for social media

Resize jpeg images for social media

Fotor online image resizer simplifies image post-processing. Easily resize images with a few clicks. Fotor supports resizing images to an exact size, you can choose to resize images in pixels or percentages, without worrying about damaging the image quality. Now you don't have to worry about the size of your images, no matter if you want to resize images for Instagram, or make YouTube thumbnails. Cause the edited image is already perfect and clear enough!

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FAQ about resize jpeg images

What’s the difference between resizing an image and cropping an image?

How can I make a picture smaller?

How do I resize an image without losing quality?

Resize images online with Fotor's Photo Resizer

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