Buzz Cut Filter to Transform Your Look

Try on your buzz cut hairstyle before your haircut with Fotor’s buzz cut filter. Or simply get a buzz cut look to have fun! See your magical hairstyle transformation now!

Use fotor online buzz cut filter to transform female bob hairstyle into buzz cut
Turn female long hair style into the buzz cut using fotor online buzz cut filter

Easy-to-Use Buzz Cut Filter

Set free from the sophisticated haircut filter! Our online buzz cut filter presents your look with short buzzed hair. Just upload your selfies or portraits to our hairstyle changer, and choose the buzz cut, our haircut visualizer will automatically transform you into the buzz cut look in a few seconds!

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Using fotor buzz cut filter to transform both man and women hairstyle into the buzzcut

Visualize Your Look with a Buzz Cut

Wondering “What would I look like with a buzz cut”? No worries, you’ve got Fotor’s buzz cut simulator online to visualize your buzz cut looks. Whether it’s a fade buzz cut for boys or girl buzz cut, our buzz cut filter online gives you the best effect! Now try on buzz cut before haircuts!

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Post the buzz cut hairstyle image made in fotor buzz cut filter tool to instagram post

Make Create Post Using Buzzcut Filter

Time for creative content and post with something new! Since the buzz cut filter has become the big hit on social media platforms, now you can freshen your posts with the trendy buzz cut filter. Our buzz cut simulator gives you the hyper-realistic effect, and you can easily get likes and comments! Post your cool buzz cut looks now!

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Send the buzz cut hairstyle image to friend in whatsapp

Get Funny Buzz Cut for Entertainment with Friends

Surprise your friends with our online buzz cut filter! Send them your fantastic look with a buzz cut, and see how they react to your hairstyle transformation. Fotor’s hyper-realistic buzz cut simulator online is your best prop to prank your friends!

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Visualize the buzz cut hairstyle using fotor buzz cut filter

How to Use Buzz Cut Filter?

  • Click the “Try Free Buzz Cut Filter” to switch to Fotor’s hairstyle changer tool.
  • Upload your image, and choose the buzz cut style.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and Fotor’s online buzz cut filter will transform you into buzz cut looks.
  • Preview and share your image with a buzz cut hairstyle.
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