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Cut out image backgrounds online in seconds with the background remover of Fotor. Whether you want to cut out image to create a product photo or to post it on social media, Fotor can do it all.

Before and after photo of cut out image with background remover of fotor
remove and replace the background of headphone with background remover of fotor

Enjoy a Quick Image Cutout and Redesign in Seconds

With the AI-powered cutout image tool in Fotor, create the most precise image cutouts instantly. You are also allowed to cut out background of image and redesign the processed image with our graphic design elements. Use them as stickers anytime for your pictures or posters!

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Fotor AI Background Remover

Cut out Background Automatically with One Click

AI-enabled background remover gives you one-click power to remove background of any photo online. Just drag and drop your photo to the cutout image tool of Fotor, and it will automatically detect and remove background from image in a flash.

With our cutout image tool, it's easy to handle hair, animal fur, or complex edges in a few seconds. Save your time and energy to make a high-quality transparent PNG or add a white background to the photo.

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Remove orange shoe product image background for engagement on the amazon system with Fotor backrgound remover for ecommerce

Easily Prepare Product Photos for E-commerce

Cutting out the background from photos is a popular photo editing procedure for online marketplaces. Using the cutout image tool in Fotor, you can easily and quickly remove and replace background to make professional product photos. It also provides a set of editing tools to help you edit photo backgrounds- blur backgrounds, adjust lighting, cut out person from image, remove unwanted objects from backgrounds and more. Easily optimize your product images for the best impact.

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A beautiful girl instagram cutting out photo made by background remover of fotor

Customize Image Cutouts for Social Media

Eye-catching image cutouts are always popular on social media. Whether you are creating social media images for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any other platform, a proper image cutout can always surprise you with the unexpected. With the cutout image tool in Fotor, it only takes a few minutes to cut out flawless and fabulous images for all your social media. In Fotor, you can also add extra flair with text templates, illustrations, stickers and more!

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remove background from image in fotor

How to Cut Out Image Online?

  • Click the “Cut Out Image Now" button to get started.
  • Upload the image you want to cut out or drag and drop the images to start removing background.
  • Our cutout image tool will automatically cut out the subject from your picture with the smart selection.
  • Download the image in PNG format and keep a transparent background to keep editing.
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