Remove Color From Image Online Instantly

Easy to remove color from image online with Fotor’s best image color remover. Remove the background color of the picture in seconds to save time!

Remove background color with fotor image color remover

Remove Background Color From Image Instantly

Transparent background lady
Blue background lady

Fotor's background remover is based on AI technology that automatically cut out the background of your photo and handles hair, animal fur, or complex edges in a smooth cut.

Just upload or drag and drop your photos to our best background remover and you can easily get a perfectly transparent background photo in seconds.

Remove background color and change background color

Easy to Remove Color From Any Image

With Fotor’s best background remover allows you to 100% automatically remove background color from any image to get transparent backgrounds for any usage.

Remove background of signature, remove logo background and even remove real estate image background are all available.

Fotor's background color remover also supports changing the background color of your photos. You can remove white background and get any color background image in a few clicks for various occasions.

Remove Color of Image Now
Remove beverage background color

Remove Specific Color From Image in High Quality

Fotor background editor also supports removing specific colors from your photos. Online AI object remover by Fotor automatically identifies the underlying color and removes certain color from image to perfection.

You can even remove people, remove text and skin defects, etc. from your pictures and download them in quality. High-resolution PNG or JPG formats are also supported in Fotor.

Remove Color of Image Now
Remove background color on iphone

Remove Color From Image Even on the Go

Fotor also provides the best app to remove color from image, so you can remove the color from your photos on mobile devices anytime, anywhere, without being limited by space.

It's as easy and fast to remove a color from an image on mobile devices as it is on the web, fully automating your operations. Download and try it now!

Remove Color of Image Now

How to Remove Color From Image?

  • Click “Remove Color of Image Now” button and upload or drag and drop image to start remove background color of image.
  • Automatically remove background color in an instant.
  • Preview and download transparent background image in PVG format or keep editing.
Remove Color of Image Now